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Everything Changes

It has been a long couple of years. Or it's seemed to be anyway. It's been at least a year since I've seriously played guitar (save for a christmas number or two). Let alone anything that I've written myself.

But that's not the point. It's also not necessarily a bad thing. Life is full of hills and valleys; pendulum swings. I'll get back to guitaring and song writing sooner or later. Probably.

The point is, that the album I worked on tireless for a good several months, previously titled "Everything Changes," has fallen to the wayside. It was last worked on, I wanna say, in 2011. It has been long enough now, where I think I will give up working on it (as I clearly already had).

I'm at the point where to continue working it, I would have to basically start from square one. The computer that most of the work was done on is gone. Other versions of songs are long lost.

Again, to the point. Giving up on the complete, professional, recording of this "album" doesn't diminish what the music meant to me (okay, maybe a little). But I want to make the entire album available here to listen to, download, or purchase.

Ideally, here, I want to make it free to download the whole thing. Since it ultimately is going to be comprised of slightly rough-cut and raw versions of the songs. And you shouldn't have to pay for something that probably doesn't really sound that great.

However, this site apparently a nifty little feature where you can sell your shit for $1.02 on the site and half the profit goes to a charity of my choice. So I wanna do the thing free but give the option of paying in case people wish to give $0.56 to charity.

So in the next few days I will be looking through all of the versions of the songs I can find in hopes of putting together the best ones so as to get an album I can be halfway proud of. I will also probably mix in a version or two from the KFAI Wave Project recording I, Meredith and Ryan did a few years back as well.

I'll make another post when this happens, detailing the versions and the prices, if that happens.

The main reason I want to put these songs out is that they all mean something to me, or Meredith. Some were written as far back as 2006 or 2007. I don't have delusions of them being great music, but they were (are) a part of me.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to my songs over the years. I truly appreciate it.


Starting Over

Yep, I'm starting over the recording process. It's not a "setback" by any standards though. Thanks to the awesomeness of Amy Van Patten, at CoreSource Productions, I now am equipped with much better tools to make a much better album. With her help of course. It's going a lot quicker this time around though since I've done it already I now know what I want to do for each song and such.

New Album

So this album is coming along fairly slowly, but it is (Coming along that is). I think it will be around 11 to 14 songs long. Just need to make final considerations and all that. Also I have a couple songs that a like half-written so who knows, they could be finished before I'm done recording and I might just throw them in for fun. Going through some production issues with the album though. Not sure exactly where it will be done and how. I've started on my own just so that I'm making progress in some sense. It's difficult but its working I think. We'll see.