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Gemini released June 12, 2014

Gemini was released today via my Bandcamp page. You can preview songs there and order the CD (comes with the album download) or go for the digital version.

The album will be in iTunes any day, and the Amazon, CDBaby etc later next week.

Features Brent Daniel, Jonathan Daniel, Doug Bristol, Matt Shook, Jonny Hibbert, Pete Glase, Patrick Stirrat, John Stirrat and Shala Sulivan-Daniel.


Blue Eyed Monkey album now at iTunes and CDBaby.

You can find the Blue Eyed Monkey album at CDBaby, the Urban Cheese Records Store and iTunes.

Blue Eyed Monkey album released June 1st

My first solo CD "Blue Eyed Monkey" was released today June 1st. It will be available only through Urban Cheese Records on their website until June 14th, when it will be online at CDBaby etc. The actual CD will be online at Urban Cheese Records and if you like digital downloads that will come with the second wave. Visit urbancheese.com

Blue Eyed Monkey album has shipped.

My first solo album has now shipped and will be released in three stages. First on the Urban Cheese Records website (http://urbancheese.com/item-detail.php?item=ucl-18), and then through CDBaby, Amazon and those places and then iTunes and all the digital outlets.

Urban Cheese Records will have the album for roughly a week before anyone else. This is a CDExtra disc and contains the Beautiful video and other tracks I have played on with various artist.

New and finished tracks uploaded

I have loaded finished versions of Beautiful and Wisdom, as well as two more tracks... Sophie and Feel The Sun. Hope you enjoy them. The record will be out at the end of April.