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TV interview

In October we did a great TV series on Columbus, OH called Writer's Talk. Host Doug Dangler interviewed us about songwriting..and as you can imagine, we had a lot to say!! And he had some good questions to ask! It will be up on Youtube at some point, but for now you can go to http://www.ohiochannel.org/multimedia/...programs/media.cfm?file_id=123217&program_id=107792

Next weekend

We are headed out East...hopefully not into another storm!! Shows in Baltimore, Bethlehem, PA.and Ithaca, NY1


About to head out for Buffalo and Fredonia this weekend...glad to be returning to both! Just saw a friend in St. Paul, Dick Renko...who always has pithy things to say. Unfortunately I can only remember one of them, at best, afterwords! This time I remembered this one.." There are no bad notes...just better choices." I love that...so applicable to so many things and in so many ways!!

I am JUST getting started on this page...don't really know what to do about the Mustard's Retreat group page that also exists...anyone know how to covert a group into a page??

Mary Travers...for me her passing is a big one. Many folks don't remember Peter, Paul & Mary. For me, it is elemental, and their music still has that ring of truth and fire...it really helped me become who I am, and informs what I do, and have done, in my life.

All for now! David