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Transition to a working band

Well the last year has had it's ups and downs and I'm proud to say that it has been mostly ups. Anything over 50% should be viewed as a win. LWP has started to grow a bit of a fan base and what started out as a jam night host band has evolved into something more.

Improvisational jam is a hard sell; however, we in LWP have been fortunate in friends, family and fans of all ages. Tha transition after the decision to become a working band has been overwhelming. We really did not expect the amount of friends whose love for music and art matched our own. In response we have been working on originals and building up our cover database from artsits we find inspirational as well as enjoyable to our fans. We offer good grooves, chill vibes and the atmosphere of a live performance from folks who love to play. You never know what may happen at an LWP show, even the same thing can be completely different.

Life is the soul of music; music, the soul of life. Agony creates emothions that run deep and music reclaims these feelings as it's own, bringing forth sweet release. I believe this and this is what drives us to perform great music for great people.

Look for us to play near you soon and do not be afraid to turn us on to your favorite venue and get us into your area. We love to play music, love making new friends and fans, and live for our soul which music feeds!