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Hey My Good Peeps!

Thank for you for coming here and showing love. I appreciate it and that's real talk. If you would also bless me and click over to my FB page and "Like" me, you would be even more awesome than you already are. Message me and let me know what i can click for you ;-)


Love, Love!! kia muze

Was a fantastic weekend.

I didn't have major plans for the Mem Weekend. Wanted to be in Vegas but there is a whole summer ahead of me to get into trouble right? LOL. Anyway, had a lovely time with my peeps here in LA and I am fresh and ready to hit this grind! Speaking LIFE and BLESSINGS over me and YOU!


Never been so excited for Friday. I'm not really one of those folks cuz I usually work Friday nights either on stage or cocktailing. But now I have my weekends essentially free except for being in the lab and I am liking it very much! And to think I used to say weekends were overrated........Get it in folks!

Gettin up outta here

Heading to NYC to see the fam for the first time in 3 years. Gotta catch up with my Divas, Grandma Alline and Grandma Allie Mae. I am a blessed girl to have both of my mamas still with me! Everyone have a great weekend!


Its a Great Friday

I am grateful for favor and I know that it is all around, I expect it everywhere I go. So excited about how God is moving!!!!

trying to help these fools.....

i do tech support for a music software company when i am not in my own studio making magic. this week, the people have been trying to give me the blues and i have just been trying to be helpful. musicians can be such douche bags sometimes!!! don't let this be you.....

So antsy

I am so itching to get up from this desk and do something....I don't even have any idea what. Hungry, don't know what I am hungry for. Bored and have a million things to do. I know I need a vacation, but in the meantime I just need a break. Think I've been burning the candle at both ends too long.

Everyone who is celebrating have a Great Easter!

xo kia muze

Why U So Obsessed With Me?

I really like this new Mariah joint! Anybody else feelin it?