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INNA SUFFERAHS STYLE Album Reveiw-(Hawaii Starbulletin)

'Inna Sufferahs Style'

Rootikal Riddim (Rootikal Riddim)

Jamaican music has inspired several styles of local music in the last two or three decades. The most authentic is the "roots" reggae music of expatriate Afro-Caribbean artists like Maacho and devout Rastafarians such as The Heartical Crew. That's where Rootikal Riddim is coming from, and in view of the fact that Rastafari is a religion, this album would fit nicely in the Religious Album category at the 2010 Hoku Awards.

The group sets the mood with "Earth's Rightful Ruler," a song proclaiming the divine role of Ras Tafari, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassi I ("The earth's rightful ruler is Selassi I"). They speak eloquently sharing Rastafarian doctrine in "Word, Sound & Power" and "Living God." The call/response arrangement of the former is especially powerful coupled as it is with the steady roots reggae rhythm.

An unlisted track, "Living God DUB," provides an instrumental interlude before the religious teaching continues. Take note, the group warns when they continue, that the wicked can run but they cannot hide from His Majesty (God). Another dub number, "Wicked Ah Go DUB," is a marvelous and relaxing trip into the trance-inducing subgenre of Jamaican "dub" music.

It isn't all religious doctrine. The group addresses earthly matters with "Let Love Grow" and returns to that theme with a haunting tune titled "DUB Got a Hold on Me."

A second unlisted and untitled track rewards those who -- for whatever reason -- let the CD play on after "DUB Got a Hold on Me" fades.

"Inna Sufferahs Style" is available at both Jelly's stores.


» "Earths Rightful Ruler" » "Let Love Grow" » "Word, Sound & Power"

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