Mad Traffic / Blog

January 20th 2010

Well, there are Tornado Watches here in San Diego. Wait.. i had to re-read my own sentence. Yeah... Tornado Watches here in SD... are you kidding?!? What's going on with our world. One this is for certain... change is... yeah.. that's it... "Change Is". Good or Bad we all change some how... makes alittle more sense why our world does what it does. Things do not stay the same. We are constantly adjusting to our surroundings. Nothing wrong with that... just means we need to lean on each other alittle bit more. Give a hug for 1 sec longer, more hand shakes, more pulling up the pants and not showing off our asses to people. Clean Undies! No, as long as we are Respectful and Good to one another... we will do just fine. Enjoy YourSelves! =)

January 14th 2010

Hello and welcome to the first blog of Mad Traffic. The 5 members of this band have been playing music as long as they can remember. Not together of course but growing up as kids, then teenagers and so on...they have been playing music. Mad Traffic met in May of 2008. From those first few rehearsals... the passion of music was present. Even though they have been playing music all their lives... there is still more music to learn, to listen to and to write. Each day is a new experience and each day can be filled with the practices of old experiences. Enjoy Your Living! Brian