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Book us for your own private House Concert!

If you don't know much about House Concerts, they are a fabulous way of bringing live acoustic music right into your own home, to be enjoyed with your friends in an intimate setting that just can't be duplicated at clubs and venues. They are generally done in connection with a pot-luck dinner, wine/beer tasting, or dessert party. Those in attendance contribute a small stipulated amount each for the band. The House Concert host agrees beforehand to guaranty a minimum number of concert goers. It's a great way to bring live music into your home for less than the cost of parking your car downtown. Mighty Mississippi is now booking House Concerts, and will be happy to work with you to make yours a great success. We are open to booking at locations distant from our home base, if we can coordinate with other gigs in the same area. Please feel free to email us for more information about House Concert bookings: mightymississippi@sbcglobal.net