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You probably know by now that I've always had a mix of style and influences. I list my genres as Rap, Punk, and Metal. I've been in a half dozen bands and I am a natural singer. Recorded in 2006, 'Disfunction' is one of the last recordings from the Skingraft-Era. Hope you dig it! -BB

New Song - 'Too Fly'

It's a new season, I think, and it's time for a new songs. Or songs. I wrote and recorded 'Too Fly' just before all the events in Ferguson took place. The song is about a night in the life of a young man which includes picking up girlfriends, getting harassed by police, and eating some Taco Bell. I think you might dig it.

House of Blues, This Sunday!

Come cheer me on at the House of Blues this Sunday! I will be apart of the Live Music Showcase with NG52. The show starts at 6pm. Please contact me regarding tickets. Thanks!

New Song Posted

I hate it when I get into a blog and then they stop updating it. Sorry, I guess, I have have been guilty of said "crimes".

Before I knew it, it has been two months since I last blogged on this site. But besides that, I've been recording music. Solo stuff and stuff with NG52.

I posted a new song. It's definitely close to me right now. Just kind of how I feel about Valentines Day and all of that. So check it out. New song posted..

Stars making moves..Start making enemies

I recently got an Email from a fan telling me how much he loved the 'Vampire' song and asking me for an ITunes link so he could purchase the song. So, I thanked the fan and gave him a link to my Itunes store.

However, I get the feeling like some people don't feel it is warranted. I think the opportunity to be around money can bring out certain people from the woodwork. But it can also bring the enemy out of people you thought were your friends or acquaintances.

But I'm prepared for those haters. I've been around this industry long enough to confirm that people will build you up, to bring you down, and then build you back up again.

I think what helps me, as far as longevity, is that I never pretend to be something I'm not. Because when you are making moves, and you are gaining a buzz around yourself, at least you were true to yourself. I guess I've just learned to block out the haters. I'm prepared for it because I know that when you start making moves, you start making enemies... But you also make new allies.

Confusion: What to do next?

What does every successful artist have, that I do not? For starters, most do gigs regularly but that's not what I was getting at. They have teams of people. You know. A manager. A lawyer,et cetera.

Before I start doing shows again and eventually signing with a label, it all starts with a manager. Two heads are better than one, right?

In the meantime, I'm going to continue writing and recording my music in the hopes that it will go viral and they will come looking for me. Because as of right now, I am looking for them. And it seems like once that is settled a weight will be lifted off my shoulders.


How many artists are on this? Does anyone even read these things? Regardless of whether you read my blogs, listen to my music, or even like my music better than the 100,000,000,000 other people on this site, I have to say thanks for checking me out on Reverb Nation.com. New music posted soon. -B