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travis's unrequested rant turned essay on the scene (part 4)

It's clear to me the Oklahoma music scene has become the exact same as the national govt...if you in fact want change, YOU HAVE TO MAKE A CHANGE! You can't keep working with (or electing) the same groups with the same beliefs and not expect things not to stay the same. If you believe change will come that way, you're not just the problem...you're dumb.

Oklahoma has some amazing talent! I believe in this scene and I always have. And that's why i wont quit. We have much better music than what we are known for. We just have no way of proving it because we are far too interested in "me me me" and helping out friends instead of putting forth the best product. Too many chiefs no fucking Indians!

I know full well that I am inviting even more discrimination towards projects I am a part of by speaking my mind. People have no interest in hearing criticism. But only through criticism can the faults be pointed out. Saying everything is fine hasn't been working. If you can't face a little negative energy you are in the wrong fucking business. If you think you're above all this, you're wrong. If this upsets you, maybe you should ask yourself why. The current state of the music industry has already done enough damage to local music. Digital downloads and YouTube have eliminated the need to go to every show, instead providing instant gratification. In the past you used to have to go to a local show in order to pick up a band's music or to see what they have to offer live...now it's available online. And not just the shows you *could* make, but the ones you *couldn't* as well. We can't expect everything surrounding music to change but the live aspect to stay the same.

Promoters have begun to book so many bands on each show that the bands are given 20 mins to show what they have...and there ends up being so much setup and tear down time that the show suffers overall (NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH THAT!). 3-4 bands is more than enough, if you can't fit your friends on it, tough shit. It's also very hard to get someone to buy an overpriced ticket when the customer knows they will only get 20 mins of the band they are trying to support. Which for non "cookie cutter" bands can be as few as THREE SONGS!!! 3 songs? That gives an accurate impression of the band, I'm sure...

In closing, if you're part of the problem don't be ashamed. Just be aware of the problems. If this pissed you off, it did so for a reason. There are no coincidences. Make a conscious effort to change things, not just to bitch about them. If you're too proud to change or accept that you're part of the issues do all the rest of us a favor and leave.

let me remind you, this is just my opinion. take it or leave it. i'll engage in intelligent conversation, but if you want to argue i most likely will not respond.

And always remember that change cannot be found in comfort or consistency, it can only be found in the willingness to break away from what you've known.

Travis Inselman TCK

GOD IN A MACHINE  (about 4 years ago)

man so many good points to touch down on through out ...same shit I feel and have felt ... man I tried to make a difference ...I really did .... we all did ... the few of us that cared ....we got fucked over ..and used by bands ..venues and promoters alike .... and to be honest it killed me a little inside each time ...I got cought up in the game of importance to "big city" people ...and forgot about the base that made us something to begin with .... and now I sit ... after a couple of years of not being in the scene ....or really involed at all with music ....and I see the same shit ....with new faces ....and some of the same old faces too .... and all the same problems are circling around ..... dancing to the sound of money ..... the internet fucked all bands ....everyone is a musician now ...electronic music is a huge fault too ....thanks to fruity loops and shit like it ...everyone makes music ...every one is a musician .....and so the inter net is over saturated with "bands" .... and easy snap together paint by numbers sounding groups ..... so simple now .... so thousands do it .... and because of that we don't see much movment in the importance of music on whole because its an ocean of shit ...no one wants to take time to sort through the shit to find the diamonds ... sucks man ,.,.. sucks bad for artists that have spent the last life time trying to get somewhere only for the world to pass right by us and suddenly everyone is further along without having to put in the effort ....man since 94 I have been involved in music ..... since 2004 I have had a legit band and had made progress ....and one day I realized the world had passed us by with out even blinking .... and that's cool I know how it goes ,.... and im fine wit hthat .... BUT the constant fuckign over locally ...that's where it gets dirty ... backstabbing ..using ...bullshit .... change yo usay ? ....oh yes sir changes .... they are coming ....but the big city bigwigs still have control ...they still are in charge and will remain so ...not much there will change ...because the ticks are dug in so far you cant cut them out .... so somthign new must arise .....

travis's unrequested rant turned essay on the scene (part 3)

If you book a band and do not pay them, you are the problem.

If you book a show and don't hang a single flier or (for that matter) cannot say honestly that you promoted in EVERY FORUM, you're the problem.

If a band sends a message of interest and you can't find the decency to at least respond in some way (even if its a fuck you) you have no right to complain... You are the problem.

If you're relying on the bands to bring in the people, forgetting the product has to be worth the money, you're the problem.

If you're in a band and do nothing but post your shows online, and show up unprepared (aka acting like amateurs) you're the problem.

But most of all, if you believe that fighting, bitching, complaining, moaning, name-calling, refusing to work as a TEAM, and whining are the solution (ESPECIALLY IN A PUBLIC FORUM), YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

If you aren't going to return the favor when a band books you, don't accept the show. That's not being a pro, its being a dick. And you don't DESERVE the show you were offered!!! Let a band that will help their scene grow have it. No matter how godly you consider yourselves....there is ALWAYS a better band. Get over yourself and be willing to help another band.

I was reading through the thank you's in a local band's cd recently and one of their choices of wording stood out to me. We've always stated it the same way and so have many, many other bands...but it just grabbed me when I read it. It points out perfectly this whole idea. "All the bands we've shared the stage with"...shared... That's the whole fucking key! Share! If you're playing a new place thanks to someone's help, share a new venue with them. Share your help. Fucker!

If you aren't going to pay for the product you are trying to profit off of, don't book a show. We do this because we love it...but the reality is that gas, food, lodging, strings, amps, cars, drum heads and beer cost money. If you aren't willing to help the bands with paying for all that, You aren't just the problem you are the POISON. And you are more to blame than anyone.

If all the promoters are focusing on the same clique of musicians because they're all buddies, nothing will ever grow. Every show features the same group. and beyond the musicians that will refuse to deal with it, no fan wants to see the same thing over and over again. A scene is not a single group of buddies, it's an overall willingness to work with *everyone*!

GOD IN A MACHINE  (about 4 years ago)

yea there are a lot of band/promoter buddies here ...funny how a show comes through where every band se,lls tickets for the prime spot ...yet ...that one band that always seems to magically get the prime spot still has it ....hmmmm then is allways tlakign about how they are such good friends with the promoters ...hmmmm no not suspicious at all lol.... man when doing a show in enid yo uguys were always the first choice ....in all honesty because its yoru backyard ....we wouldn't come over and start playing in your backyard without asking yo uto come play with us first ....simple as that man .... respect you know ..... and man .... I don't care about being main stage ....prime spot ....I don't care about the spot light .... I just want to have fun ...and enjoy the time I have with friends and bands I love ..... the feeling of family has become so lost in this state yo uright ...the only ones that seem to mimic the feeling of family are the greedy and self absorbed .... andn I think they only do it for profit .... if they make a buck form it your like a brother to them ...if not ...your the black sheep of the scene ....

travis's unrequested rant turned essay on the scene (part 2)

I've watched them make out of town bands sell tickets to shows...an out of town band? your place is not their fan base, it's yours...they are there to try to BUILD a fan base there, leave ticket sales to locals. then the promoter determined the band's position based on what they sold, putting them in front of no one and completely depleting the chance for them to build their fan base in that market. Which in turn severely limits their chance to bring in more of the promoter's local scene the next time they are booked...*IF* they are even willing to rebook the band seeing as how they "didn't sell enough tickets". and IF the band is willing to work with the promoter again, since most of the shows you have to sell tickets for you get nothing back as reimbursement. and who wants to put up with that?

I watch them charge more for tickets to see local bands than I'm willing to pay to see some "pro" bands. If you are charging over $5 for local bands, you're severely limiting your potential fan base. And often *that* is even to much (I've seen major bands for $5!). And the idea of bar/venue "regulars" has become a thing of the past. They believe their business and it's patrons are solely the responsibility of the bands and blame them for their failures. But if you don't have regulars at your business, YOU are failing. That shows your business has no true interest, rather the interest lies in the bands you are bringing in. you should at least be able to match the amount of people the band brings in. especially if it is their first time in your establishment. otherwise your club is a failure. These days, if a show goes well, it's because the bands have done a good job. Not the promoter. You expect them to bring in people...they expect you to do the same. But they (the promoters) are never willing to accept any of the blame, simply spouting "the bands didn't promote enough". Bullshit! *You* didn't, mr. PROMOTEr!

And "supporting the scene" does not mean supporting ONE VENUE! While many of these places bitch and moan about nobody coming out, they fail to consider the fact that maybe they were somewhere else! maybe there was a better show. It's just assumed that since you weren't at THEIR place (because obviously their show is the only one that matters), you don't support. Remember kids, just like there are other bands you haven't worked with... there are also *other venues*. But once again..."me me me!" And if you're bitching because someone didn't show up for a band they don't like...just shut the fuck up! You're an idiot. That's like complaining about someone not eating Indian food because they don't like it. if someone is out supporting but not at your club, you need to ask yourself what you need to do to get them to pick YOUR place instead if another.

I've had "pillars" and "leaders" of the scene (who are in reality the problem, not the solution) come to my shows and exhibit the exact same disrespect they WHINE about. "Stay for every band"...yeah, unless they aren't in your clique. I've watched them support their friends and then leave without supporting the rest of the bill...and did I mention it was a TWO BAND SHOW?? If you can't stay for one other band you have absolutely no right to complain about what others are doing, no matter how important you think you are. A hypocrite is a hypocrite no matter what company, club or patch you represent.

GOD IN A MACHINE  (about 4 years ago)

LOL I can name (but I wont) 2 promoters in this state that have been the problem for a long assed time .... and man ..I know we have chatted about this back in the day .... and god knows I preach about it now all over the place ...the pout of town ticket selllls idea for non locals of that town ..is some bulshit for sure ...I get it though ...they want money .... they have to pay for the electric and the worker bees of the venue etc ....but to have a band trying to get a start in tha ttown sell tickets is rough ...I mean ..people don't want to drive that far to support a band that will show up at the local bar in a week ..... that kind of sucks and falls back to lack of over all support form the local scenes them selves ...its a broken cycle ....a catch 22 ...... we did have a good run .... dam right ....when GOD IN A MACHINE (name drop..lol) showed up in enid at that time there wasn't a scene going on ....we had the pleasure of playing with a few dam good bands and boom suddenly it got poppin ,....honestly when I first started playing there ...I had the options to start playing little towns or the cities ....I thought long and hard and figured this "small towns have nothing going on .... bored kids ....5 bucks ....fuck yea " .... so when I made those shows happen tha twe were responsible for .... I knew they woujld rock ....good bands ...cheap price ...bored kids ..perfect match .....BAM ..... im not saying we were soley responsible for the scene explosion at the time ...we wernt but I am saying for the parts I played in it I put a lot of thought into it ....simple thought ....

travis's unrequested rant turned essay on the scene (part 1)

There has been a ton of discussion within the oklahoma music community lately (from all over the state) and i feel the desire to weigh in with my two cents. Damn I love you guys, And I agree with so much of that what has been said. this isn't so much about Enid as it is just over all... so this will be in general, but using Enid as a reference because I know it best.

Truth be told, we have constantly fluxed in and out as far as having a scene. From (Enid names) Michael Hedges to Oliver Magnum, Proteus & Toe Jam to Hung Jury...to the days of Triple X Seven, Endive, Abreaction and Broken...through 13 Cent Kill, Sub-Machine, Infamous, and The Underground...on to today. And I can't forget to mention Self Inflicted who has been a constant for over a decade. the same could no doubt be said for the other various scenes in OK with their own individual bands. Enid has always had great music and musicians, and I'm not even getting in to the cover bands... Enid once had a legit scene, good turnout, people supporting each other and EVERY band. If someone wasn't at your show or were late, it was ok because you knew they were supporting someone else. We were family first, it just happened to be a scene. And that's exactly why I say Lawton has it right. From my experiences, they are family first. There's a common sense of respect and a want for everyone to succeed. Just like we had. Even their local media gets involved. Something Enid news and eagle would never do. It just seems to have something nowhere else seems to... 1th street for example...(see earlier show reviews)

But these days it seems to be nothing but bitching and fighting combined with an overall feeling of "me me me". And a lot of the time, those bitching the most are the absolute worst offenders. There is no desire to help each other grow. It is insanely cliquey.

I've been playing and booking bands since 1997. And after all this time I can honestly say that I barely need two hands to count the bands that have reciprocated by booking us after we booked them. I always made sure they had good spots in the lineup, did as much promoting as possible, often ran sound and set up pa myself, and made sure they never left without *something* as payment. And often, I even gave them space under my own roof to stay the night. And yet i can' t think of a dozen bands who have returned that favor. After almost 17 yrs... Something wrong with that. The bands that do are truly "professional". Just because somebody hangs out with you doesn't make them a pro, acting like one does.

I've worked with numerous promoters and clubs/venues during these years as well, and I've watched them constantly do things that make no sense what-so-ever... and then complain when they fail. You would be surprised how many booking agents call themselves PROMOTErs, but rely on everyone but themselves to PROMOTE. I've been booked by at least 3 (probably closer to 5) different "companies" that have never seen us play...even at the events they booked us at. If you won't come to your own show, why would anyone else? And some of those have booked us several times and still couldn't tell ya what we sound or look like. How are you supposed to know if the product you're putting out is any good?

GOD IN A MACHINE  (about 4 years ago)

dam good points thus far man especially about promoters not even attending their own shows ...lol... yea .... well on to part 2 ...

Sweet Taste of Emptiness

recently i was able to pick up the new Self Inflicted cd Sweet Taste of Emptiness. i've been eagerly awaiting this album for several reasons: first of all, i've been working with Keith for many years. 2nd, i've told the guys before that this was my favorite lineup Self Inflicted has put forth and this is their first (i think? maybe?) disc of completely new material since it's formation. and 3rd, because it was recorded in it's entirety at The Factory in the new Watershed Studios (which Self Inflicted and 13 Cent Kill both played major parts in the construction of) by Barry Johnston. the same guy that recorded TCK's Kill Your Neighbor Music and was slated to complete A Side Unseen with us. unfortunately it also ended up being one of the last recordings to come out of The Factory... so as i said, i was eager.

and i was not disappointed!

right out of the gates i was blown away by the shear tone and heaviness of the recording, proof again that Watershed Studios was the best place to record in the state of Oklahoma. insane depth in the guitars, a bass tone so nasty it borders on abusive, and a deep, full drum mix lay the foundation for Self Inflicted's newest effort. place on top Keith's grumbled (yet still remarkably clear) vocals, which bring to my mind an early Cavalera, and the production value of this cd rivals any put forth by better known studios. every part comes forth clearly without affecting the integrity of it's counterparts.

musically, this album clearly shows the roots of the band. it prominently displays an array influences and melds them together with that patented Self Inflicted style they have become known for. during sections you will hear everything from a straight up east coast Biohazard-like stomp, to the down south groove of Corrosion of Conformity, and the brooding sludge of NOLA's Crowbar.

as far as the songs go, this album doesn't contain any "filler". there is a great balance of speed within the tempos. the songs were expertly ordered and carry you through the album with without any redundancy, spreading out styles and creating an intrigue as to what will be heard next. i highly recommend this outing! not only to old school Self Inflicted fans, but also to those who are not. it is an excellent album from one of Oklahoma's local metal staples.

on a personal note: i'm really happy for the guys and what they have created. with the time and effort put forth in creating (not only the album itself but the physical studio as well) coupled with the hardships i have seen the guys go through it is good to see them standing tall. especially Phil, not many people know how far he and i go back, but it's a long damn ways...

so get out to a Self Inflicted show and pick up a copy of Sweet Taste of Emptiness! it's only available through the band, and for $10 ($15 if you need it mailed to you) is well worth the price tag. Self Inflicted is gearing up for a tour later this year as well, make sure if they come nearby that you are there!

update 7.26.12

hey guys, sorry so quiet. but there hasn't been much happenin lately.

we've been trying to get things lined up for the dvd recording in august, but unfortunately haven't been able to get it all together and are going to have to postpone it. sucks, i know. but we wanna do it right, and it wasn't coming together "right". i hope you guys understand. we want this to be an event. not just a show. we're still trying to find the perfect venue and time. we really want to know where YOU would want us to do it. what would ensure that you were there? we have a killer line up planned, great cameramen lined up, sound a lights are pretty much covered, we just need the right time and place. so give us your opinions! time? place? hell, if you think it would be better in oklahoma city or tulsa at a particular venue, let us know. if you guys are willing to travel to do this thing, so are we! post comments on our facebook or reverbnation pages, and let us know what you think.

Also since the last update, our guitarist steve and his wife chelsea have welcomed a little baby girl (Mila)! congrats to our brother on his first successful reproduction!

And last but not least, a recording update: at this time we are pretty much on schedule for our goal of a late fall release for "A Side Unseen". drums and bass are done, guitars start tracking very soon, artwork is coming along. as i listen to the drum and bass rough mix, i can say i truly believe that once it's released, the new cd is gonna piss off the genre nazis! you know? ...the people that have to fit music in to a "style"... "A Side Unseen" won't really fit in to ONE. some stretches you began to see at the end of the "Kill Your Neighbor Music" era, in songs like "Shocker" and "My New Misery", have come more in to play on this record. Barry Johnston at Watershed Studios has been kicking ass! and his new place is fuckin killer! can't wait till the next time we go in! it's freakin killer to listen to the layers just fall in to place.

anyway, that's it. we'll let you know when we get the dvd show rebooked, keep you updated on the studio progress, and fill you in on some shows that are in the works with old friends and new. don't forget to give us your opinions!

...end of transmission...

Kill Your Neighbor Music available for FREE download!!!

for those who haven't heard, we are currently trying to plan extra large show! during said show, we plan on recording the whole night for a dvd. the night begins with the fuckin hooligans in Mercyless Assault, followed by our fine goblin friends in Pittersplatter, and wrapping up the night is yours truly 13 Cent Kill performing our debut album Kill Your Neighbor Music in it's entirety! beyond that, we are bringing back some familiar faces to make it even more special... both guitarists from the KYNM era, Shane Laubhan and Ricardo Montoya!!

in anticipation of this show we are doing all we can to build awareness, and are offering FREE downloads of EVERY track off of KYNM on our reverbnation account! some come get your hands on the full album! share it with all your friends! let them know it is available for FREE! but this will only last until after the show!

helps us spread the word and make this dvd as bad ass as we possibly can!

you fuckers rule!