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Tom Petty

This song was inspired by an Interview that was read with Tom Petty some time back in, Rolling Stone. Tom ended up not using a a line "I'm standing On The Edge Of the World" due to advise from George Harrison. You might say, I'm using Petty's trash. LOL This is a part of the interview:"I Won't Back Down," on "Full Moon Fever," is more like a mantra than a song. That put me off when I wrote it. It's so bare, without any ambiguity. There was nothing there but truth. There was another issue going on, though. Someone had tried to kill me, with the arson at my house. [In 1987, someone set fire to Petty's home in Encino, California.] I took that personally. Surviving something like that makes you feel alive.That was my mind-set: I will survive, I will move on. It blurted out of my mouth. I changed one thing. There was a line I was singing, "I'm standing on the edge of the world." When we cut the record, George Harrison was there. He played and sang on that track. And he goes, "Tom, what the fuck is it with 'standing on the edge of the world'?" I was like, "Oh, busted."By a Beatle, too. I went, "Yeah, you're right. That doesn't mean anything." I thought for a minute and went, "How about, 'There ain't no easy way out?'" George went, "Much better."http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12455686