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Muchos gracias to all who came out to the Broad Street on January 26, 2007 and helped support Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet School. It was a great crowd and a great night, which, we're told, raised $450!! At the top of our thank-you list are The Pneurotics, who turn out to be not only fabulous musicians, but real sweethearts as well. It was a pleasure to see and hear them. Also, a big thank-you to Pneurotics' harmonica virtuoso Jeff Whetstone who sat in with us on one song and kicked massive ass. We also got to meet a guy from Reverb Nation (sorry--his name escapes us!) who was very nice and seemed to be genuinely interested in how we liked the site, what they could do to improve it, etc. We thought that was great. We're going to try to do some more quick and dirty recordings in the next couple of weeks and be back playing somewhere in late February. Stay tuned! xoxox Sea Cow

Happy Belated New Year and Upcoming Show!

Hi again. After a busy holiday season marked by a combination of joy, familial angst and excessive consumption, Sea Cow is gearing up for its second gig: Friday January 26, 2007 at the Broad Street Cafe in Durham. Joining us on the bill will be our new friends The Pneurotics, an intense and rocking trio from Chapel Hill. Please visit them: http://www.myspace.com/pneurotics. The Pneurotics will kick things off at 8:30PM and we will play at 10PM. Please note that this gig is a fundraiser. All band proceeds from the show will go to the Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet School's Extended Day Program, which offers Club kids (K-5) an astounding array of constructive afterschool alternatives to watching TV and drinking beer.

The Afterglow

Thanks so much to our friends and relatives and other warm bodies who made the time to come out and witness Sea Cow in the flesh on Friday night. As we told someone this morning, it was more or less the complete culmination of our ambition as a band. So, you know, that's it, we're about ready to hang it up... Seriously, we hope to do some recording in December and play one or more shows after the Xmas holidays in January. Thanks again for your support. Have a festive, tryptophan- and football-riddled Thanksgiving. xoxox Sea Cow


...so please be gentle with us. On Friday, November 17, we will play two sets at the Broad Street Cafe starting @ 9PM. We're psyched about the revamped BSC in the beautiful Watts-Hillandale section of Durham Rocks and Loves Itself, USA. The BSC is across from the NC School of Science and Math, near the intersection of Broad Street and Club Boulevard. It's a big space, with great food and libations. We love the new owner and hope to make him proud. See y'all on Friday...