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Our CD is finally ready and available for you to buy! Woohoo! We haven't set up any online buy places yet so for now you have to contact us to get one. For a measly $5 + postage you can have our awesome CD full of 7 kick-ass rock songs. That's about 70 cents per song. Awesome!

We're on DVD!

That's right. You can hear One To Another on DVD. Check out http://www.boyzwillbeboyz.com.au to get yourself a copy ($25 each). There's a bunch of other Aussie rock/metal bands on this extreme sports documentary so it's worth getting yourself a copy just to check them out as well. Keep on rockin'!


T-SHIRTS! T-SHIRTS! T-SHIRTS! We have an order of awesome Errant Venture t-shirts coming in soon. If you want one get onto us here or email 'errantventureband@gmail.com'. The shirts are white with the most excellent Errant Venture logo on the front. Sizes range from small to xx-large so we should have something for you. Rock n' roll!