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Our 2013 Most Valuable Fan Award

Envelope Please!

Our 2013 MVF Award has once again been earned by the reigning champion of 2012, Mr. Mike Reiss of Virginia! Congratulations Mike you have won the award for the second consecutive year and we all thank you! You are an incredible fan that has gone above and beyond to promote our music for the past 2 years and we truly appreciate you brother! Congratulations Mike and Thanks again for all of your support! SF

Mike Reiss
Mike Reiss  (over 4 years ago)

I'm proud to have won MVF 2 yrs in a row.When I hear great music I have to share it with the world,I love listening to and sharing Southern Fury music.Like I say,when its great,let the world know! And I will continue to do so.LOUD-N-PROUD!!

Our 2012 Most Valuable Fan Award

Envelope Please! Our 2012 MVF Award goes to Mr. Mike Reiss of Virginia! Thanks Mike you are indeed a most valued fan and friend and you always will be remembered by us for all that you did to help us get our music heard by thousands in 2012. We thank you! Congratulations Mike!

Mike Reiss
Mike Reiss  (about 5 years ago)

It's My Pleasure,and I will continue to share and post all Y'all music...Y'all keep em coming,and I'll keep a postin and sharing!!! Loud-N-Proud!!!

Mike Reiss
Mike Reiss  (over 4 years ago)

And MVF 2013!!..I'm a happy man!,Thanks Y;all!!!

Thanks to the Fan!

We just want say how much we appreciate all of our fans. They're the reason we continue on. Thanks so much for your consistent support and passing our music onto others.


Jay McAllister
Jay McAllister  (almost 6 years ago)

Southern Rooooooock!!!! Yeah!

New Album Release

Hey Y'all. The long wait is almost over. That's right Southern Fury "JUST CAN'T STOP" all 11 tunes will be hear for your listening pleasure. A SOUTHERN FURY Fan Only Exclusive! Fan up today and download the new S.F. Album for free!

Hell Yeah! Southern Fury is in the House!

Tell us what you will. We were sent from heaven to raise some hell on earth. So get off your assets and blog something cool. We value your support and input! Southern Fury