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J. L. J Stay Focused album press release

J. L. J's hot debut album "Stay Focused" is now up for sale on digital release with iTunes. You can purchase single downloads or get the whole album from any of the leading online retailers. It's refreshing to get a rap artist who actually cares about the kind of songs he puts out and then considers the thoughts and feelings of others that will listen to him. This is accomplished every time because the lyrics that J. L. J writes to captivate an audience are honest and really defines the determined artist persona and lifestyle. If he hasn't done or said it before or isn't saying or doing it currently tnen he doesn't write it. Simply put, he is as real as real gets. The lead single off the album "Can't Leave You Alone feat. Justine" has received airplay on jango.com, echoboost.com, soundclick.com and more online radio stations have played it adding up 1000's of mp3 and epk streams and submissions from the efforts of the E-LETE ARTIST Marketing team. The song displays J. L. J's sensitive side and is truly a hip hop love anthem for all. It tells about a guy's love for that special girl or woman in his life and provides the fellas with something that will make their beautiful one smile and get em out of the dog house if need be. That's important and a big plus, a real hip hop love song people!! Now being from the very rough and dangerous neighborhood of 5th ward in Houston, Tx, J. L. J of course puts it down for all the hardcore lovers out there as well. Living the hood life has given him hood swagger and has allowed him to use his superb lyrical ability to wow the masses with his street lyrics, melodic flows, and hard hooks. These incredible skills can be found on songs like: Droppin Hataz, Standin Tall, We Got Da Heater and more. Songs like "Live Life To Da Fullest" and "Don't Fall Short" also come as a result of what J. L. J has seen or endured while coming up hard in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Houston to survive in. All of this embedded into one determined artist brings you the groundbreaking album STAY FOCUSED. Fans nationwide and in Houston ranks this album right at the top amongst the big boys in the industry today. Make way for J. L. J

New album "Stay Focused" is blowing up online!

J. L. J is the premiere artist for today's hip hop generation. He is an ambassador of making good music that has substance and true meaning in the lyrics. With his catchy hooks and superb rhyming ability, J. L. J has music that captivates a worldwide audience with his craft. Working hard and non stop in the studio has allowed him to create hit songs such as: "Party On", "Droppin Hataz", "Can't Leave You Alone", and "Tap That", which are all guaranteed to do very well on the radio and indie charts. The first single to be released off the debut album 'Stay Focused' is the smoking hot, feel good song "Party On". When released to radio in mid february 2011, the hot single made some noise and gained major recognition amongst Pop, Urban, and Hip Hop fans alike. Before any radio campaigns the song was certified a hit by making it on the Coast2Coast Mixtapes Indie Top 50 Vol. 10 Mixtape.