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1 in the can

Yeah we went over budget on the first song...but it is what it is. We should be able to make it up on the rest of the CD. The Boyz at Sound of Music know what they are doing

Almost done

New songs coming soon. Stay tuned

Time to stop being lazy

3 songs written......7?...to go. Time to get out and start promoting this stuff. long nights here I come!

The special breed AKA Muscians

It's funny even when you are paying them they flake out. Then you wonder why there are so many starving artists.

You know who are...the same guy who thinks the guy who made it sucks. Here's a clue he is actually getting paid to do what you do free.All because he "showed up".

Early Morning

The first track's rough mix has been sent to the studio. Now it's all starting to take shape.

D Day

The 1st session date is fast approaching. Only 3 songs ready and we need 10....YIIIIIIKES!!!!!!!!!!

Up at night

Aah...if it were easy everybody would do it. My evil plan for taking over the music world is slow unfolding (insert evil laugh here).

This Business of Music

Two things:

1) If it was easy...everybody would do it

2) It's (Music) is hard work

So here I am looking for new material and writing my own

CD Project Day1

Its Bobby Simpson Project now known as BSP. I would like to use BS...buuuut ...I'm not about that:)!

So here we go. Today I posted a blast on Cl for new songs. I really want some collaboration but like they say..."if you want something done do it yourself" we'll see. Stay tuned!