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The Seven Gates : review on Metal Revolution Webzine

dear The Seven Gates fans and listeners, Here is a new review on the webzine METAL REVOLUTION WEBZINE ! Metal Revolution Webzine is located in Denmark, and display some really good infos about the METAL SCENE ! http://www.metal-revolution.com/plugins/content/content.php?content.2375 Thank you for your supports, Big supports too, THE SEVEN GATES

The Seven Gates : Review on FrenzyFire

Dear The Seven Gates fans and listeners, Here is a new review of The Seven Gates published on Frenzy Fire, author Iron Mat ! Have a check !!! It is really good ! Here is the link of the review : http://www.frenzyfire.co.uk/thesevengates.htm and the general link of the webzine : http://www.frenzyfire.co.uk/artistindex.htm Thank you for your supports, THE SEVEN GATES

The Seven Gates : Review on Voices from The Darkside

Dear The Seven Gates fans, Here is another review of the album on the webzine Voices from the Darkside ! http://www.voicesfromthedarkside.de/ you may have to go through the Review and then seach for Seven Gates (they have listed it on the s and not The Seven Gates) Big supports to you ! THE SEVEN GATES ps : all point of views are good ! We'll post some good ones soon !

The Seven Gates : for our Italian fans, some reviews on Italian Webzines !

Dear The Seven Gates listeners and friends, For our Italian fans, here are some links for some The Seven Gates new album reviews in Italian, STEREO INVADERS : http://www.stereoinvaders.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=1:cd&id=1782:the-seven-gates-angel-of-suffering&Itemid=16 BABYLON MAGAZINE : http://www.babylonmagazine.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6023&Itemid=0 Do not hesitate to give us your feelings about them ! We thank you for your supports ! THE SEVEN GATES

The Seven Gates : concert this saturday 22th in Switzerland

Dear The Seven Gates listeners and friends, This Saturday, The Seven Gets will be playing at LE MANOIR PUB in Switzerland ! To get info and come to headbang with us check : www.myspace.com/thesevengates Do not forget it is on Saturday 22 th (and not friday as shown in the concert schedule !!!) We thank you for your supports ! THE SEVEN GATES

The Seven Gates : review on Evil Inquisition english webzine

Dear The Seven Gates listeners and friends, Here is a review of The Seven Gates new album 'Angel of Suffering' on an english webzine The Evil Inquisition. The quality of the journalist is amazing, and the review is really good too ! We invite you to check it ! Click to read the Review : http://evilinquisition.forumotion.net/the-evil-inquisition-reviews-f5/the-evil-inquisition-issue-20-t82.htm Thank you for your supports ! Spread the word, THE SEVEN GATES

The Seven Gates : Review on Blabermouth.net !

Dear The Seven Gates listeners and friends, Check the review of 'Angel of Suffering' on Blabermouth.net ! You can also vote for it and give your opinion !! Please do ! (the higher score the better !) click : http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/showreview.aspx?reviewID=1689 Big supports, THE SEVEN GATES

The Seven Gates : Interview on Metalmare magazine !

Dear The Seven Gates supporters, The Seven Gates is featured in the new issue of the Metalmare magazine and you shall find a whole interview of the band there !!! click : METALMARE ISSUE 08 : http://metalmare.homestead.com/issues/008/008.html The Metalmare magazine has an interesting support : you can read it as a normal METAL magazine and turn the pages ! The best to read it is to click on (1/1) on the top of the page ! It is an amazing Metal mag !!! To view the website of Metalmare : http://www.metalmare.com/ click To read the review of The Seven Gates new album METALMARE ISSUE 07 : http://metalmare.homestead.com/issues/007/007.html Add Metalmare on myspace too : http://www.myspace.com/metalmaremagazine Thank you so much for your supports ! Supports, THE SEVEN GATES http://www.myspace.com/thesevengates http://www.myspace.com/heavyartillerymetal

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Great webzine !Supports to you !

The Seven Gates : Radio METAL MONTHLY july 9th at 10PM

Dear The Seven Gates friends and listeners, Get tuned Wednesday, July 9th at 10 PM (us hour) until the next day Thursday 10 PM (us hour) : The Seven Gates will be featured in Beka radio show at METAL MONTHLY RADIO ! Learn more about the new album of The Seven Gates 'Angel of Suffering' Get tuned by clicking on the banners bellow ! Thank you for your supports ! http://www.metalmonthly.com/MusicShows.html FOR EUROPE here are the hours : July 10 th at 7 AM Thursday morning until 7 AM Friday morning

Biography of The Seven Gates

The Seven Gates saw the light of day in the middle of year 2005, born from the ashes of outstanding underground acts such as Daemonium/Akhenaton or Mutilated, whose respective leaders Vincent Urbain (Vocals and bass) and Michel Dumas (Guitar) joined forces in order20to bring forth a new form of sonic mayhem to this dying world. Another guitarist and a drummer completed the formation. 2006, the band started to play its firsts shows, and due to the huge response, the need was felt to quickly release a demo ("All Is In All") which gained massive attention from an evergrowing amount of fans. 2007, a four-tracks CD was released ("Gehenna's Sword"). Vincent's impressing vocals and pounding bass playing and Michel's relentless riffing and frenzied soloing helped the band reach the "french death metal hope of the year" status in several magazines' columns. The Seven Gates then moved forward a new step, sharing the stage with bands like Blazing War Machine, Offending, Hypnosis, Knocked Dawn, Pittbulls in the Nursery, Destinity, God Damn, Killers, Sublime C adaveric Decomposition,... during a 30 dates french tour from which was taken the first live video of the band, "Live Suffering". 2008, Later on the same year, the band did integrate Adrien Madrignac as the second guitarist, who brought in his in credible skill and added even more aggression and hate to the band's sound! Again a 15 dates French tour and a qualification for regional final of a “Hellfest contest “ (Sin-session). In May 2008, release of the limited edition DVD (“Suffering Live”) and Official Video live-clip (“The Serpent’s Wheel) In August of 2008, The Seven Gates entered the studio to record their first album. Masterized in December by Jean-Pierre Bouquet ("L’autre studio"). Also the official video clip (“Angel of Suffering”) is released. Then, a deal with New-York's Heavy Artillery Records was signed and now the future is yet to be writte n. The Seven Gates are preparing to hit stages all across Europe in order to promote their debut album, namely "Angel Of Suffering", whose release is scheduled for May 2009 for USA and June for Europe. A war is on.......! For more info : http://www.myspace.com/thesevengates