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Gettin' Big and Famous...

Rabbit Skin Glue has two albums-worth of awesome covers which have been given away to fans over the last couple of years at our gigs... and we hope you have enjoyed them.

In the not-too-distant future you, our beloved fans will be able to support our band by purchasing our album of all-original music (with no copyright infringement to worry about... because RSG will cover, but won't steal). We hope you will like these tunes as much as we do.

Thanks for your continued support of Rabbit Skin Glue.

We are making efforts to make quality merchandise available to all of you good folks that can't make it out to see us play live... We have fans all over the planet, but do not foresee a world-tour in the offing as of yet. Stay tuned, we are better at music than we are at promoting and blogging and all of that... but we're doing our best.