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New Video!

Hey guys!! So today was a big day! I had been going back and forth deciding whether or not i should enter this contest or not, but i figured what the heck! So i entered the Much Music Covers contest, and i did a cover of Rihanna's "only girl". I really hope you guys like it and I would love for you guys to vote and help me win this contest!!! So please check out


to see all the entries!

and if you just wanna watch the video check out


If you guys ever have any request or suggestions, even comments i would LOVE to hear them:)

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Lve Samm xo

Discover Your Inner Creativity

Hey Guys!

So last week during my weekly skype date with my co-writer in nashville, i learned some interesting things! First I asked her why Verse # 2 is so painful!!! I always thought that because I wasn't very experienced in writing, that was why i always had some trouble! NOT TRUE! Apparently verse #2 is known as SECOND VERSE HELL... dun dun dun... so im not alone! Which is great news to me! So all you writers who struggle with verse 2: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

She told me about some books that really helped her, I found them on amazon and they are great prices! Very worth buying!! I'll post links below. I think its really important to invest in books about the craft, because more than likely you are having problems that everyone struggles with and most books will have your answer! Sometime I find just "reading" about what to do isn't enough! Thats why i like the books that i just got because they put you through exercises and there are plenty of examples of what "not to do" and "what to do". I promise you will learn something on every single page!

I also have a songwriting mentor and he has really helped me realize some things! Both he and my nashville writer have mentioned the same thing and i think its hit me the hardest as something i MUST DO before i write my song. That one thing is JOURNALING..!! Journal journal journal ..... and journal again! It is soooo liberating to get everything out, no one sees it but you and no one can judge you for what you write! Its absolutely fantastic.

Lastly and one of the most important things... DO NOT WAIT to FEEEL your "creativity"... yea there are times when things just come to you, but dont let that stop you from writing all the time! I thought i had to "feel it" or be "in the mood" but thats not the case.. I can actually get alot done when i sit down and focus on writing instead of waiting for the magical mood. So pick up your instruments and Go at it!

I hope this helps you guys, like it helped me ! If you guys ever have questions, requests please feel free to ask!!! I would love to help you.

Take care guys!

lve Samm

Two books i just purchased:

Shortcuts to Hit songwriting popular lyric writing

Light the Night Leukaemia Foundation

Hey guys! Alright so this blog is coming a little late! But better late than never!

So it all started about two years ago, my 20 year old cousin he was diagnosed with leukaemia, and it hit everyone pretty hard, but however! something amazing came out of it! Not only is he on his 2nd year of remission but his mom & girlfriend decided to take charge and join in the Light the night event which raises money to support research to find a cure for this disease!

Last year two events were held and we were able to raise over 10,000$. This years event took place last weekend, and let me tell you.. it was incredible! Its really amazing to see how many people come and support a wonderful cause. I sang that night and it was just so much fun! There was great entertainment, great music, prizes and lots of Food! I wish i had taken a picture of all the food, you guys would be drooling lol! Next time i promise ;). Anyways in total we raised 15,770$ all from "Matthew's team"! I couldn't ask for anything better!

Just this past year 2010, Ottawa had its first Light the Night Walk, we raised over 150,000$$; such a remarkable number for its first year! When i got on the stage outside down at city hall, it was so breathe taking to see it so dark, but see the light of every single supporter standing watching and just being there to help this cause! It was really impressive. I will and always will be attached to this cause and i hope that every year i can continue to support and entertain at theses events.

Please check out the link below! Get involved, make a donation believe me its so worth it and it feels great to know your helping!


Hope to see you all next year at the Light the Night event!

Take care guys!

Love you

Samm xo