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We are the Brian Mac Band

Based out of 70's Folk Rock of great bands, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers,Neil Young,James Taylor, Elvin Bishop, Jackson Brown and more. To what we now know as the The current Country Vibe and it is Rocking. With Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Trent Tomlinson, Eric Church and Luke Bryan, just to name a few. The story telling within a song. Is alive and well This is what base the Brian Mac Band was breed with. And it continues on with the writings of Brian Mac. His story telling makes you smell and taste the story with which he puts you in. Weither it be a drinking night of Mr. Jack or a reconnection to the events of that faithful day in August 1880's. When Jessie,Frank James and the Younger Boys attempted to hold-up the First National Band in Northfield. Mac, puts you in the gun fire and your imagination runs with the tale or defeat and excape. Or the life story of men meeting the opposite sex and the current state that mixture brings in "Do I Drive Women Crazy, Or Do I Just Find Them That Way?" The CD is due to release in Mid July. Reserve your copy today.