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Long Overdue Update :)

Hey hybridnettes and hybrids, hope all is well! It's been a while since I've last been on here...actually, I haven't been on here as much as I usually am, I'm more of a Tweeter nowadays. After the release of 'David's Beat', I started school back up again to pursue my music studies. For the remainder of the year (2013), I was basically stuck practicing piano and my commercial harmony lessons until mid-December. Now that I have a small break before the next semester starts, I'm catching up on all I've missed thus far. I've decided to post an 'unofficial' update on here instead of my website because, well...if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't have had a great 2013 music-wise :)

- First off, for the new year 2014 (other than continuing my studies in school), I plan to release at least ONE remix, or a song of original content. This will not only get me back into the groove of things music-wise, but will also help me stay relevant and productive with my music. I've been wanting to dabble into remixing for quite some time now, and I feel this is the year to do it. I also want to expand my 'Hybrid House' genre, so more focus will be on that as well as releasing more Deep House and NuDisco music.

- My indie dance label 'Hybrid Way Music' is now an official business. The purpose of setting up this label is to be able to distribute my music on my own terms, without having to deal with having to submit demos to various labels, in the hope that they will release my material (SN: But I still plan on submitting to ones who are interested in releasing my music). But, I do plan on adding other like-minded artists to the roster as well, within the next year or so. In the meantime, the label will only focus on my releases. 'Hybrid Way Music' will be considered a 'contemporary' dance music label, releasing not only Deep House, NuDisco, and Downtempo music (as well as 'Hybrid House'), but will also focus on releasing music that's out of the norm, yet also adheres to a certain eclectic, relaxing, and danceable template. If you follow my Twitter, you'll occasionally see me post up various Soundcloud links of various music I find on there; every once in a while, I'll mention about a certain sound that I would want on my label. So, keep a look out for that, as it will give you an idea of what's to come for the label.

Other than that, that's about it. I've received a lot of support from overseas with my music (especially the U.K.; I feel like that place is my second home and I haven't even visited there yet!), and I still would like to continue that. But, for this year and beyond, I'd also like to get a following here in Los Angeles as well, and ultimately across the U.S. Deep House and Techno is becoming a 'hipster' genre out here in L.A. (again), seeding its way back to house clubs all over, so I think this is my time to finally take advantage of that. Now I just have to get NuDisco on board too!

I just want to thank everyone who has become a fan of my music here on Reverbnation; I appreciate your comments as they have motivated. humbled, and inspired me to keep going. It was a time, at one point, that I wanted to give up the whole music thing. But late 2012 and 2013 showed me otherwise :) I hope to make a bigger splash in 2014! I will keep you guys updated, but to get immediate updates, follow my Twitter page at @DDeafner, or my Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/dirkdeafner; I'm the most active on those. And off course, don't forget about my website, TheDeafnerFX.com! Thanks everyone, and I'll try to come on here more often!

Dirk Deafner

P.S. - I've also posted a special mix of 'And The Beat Goes On...' on my RN page, go ahead and give it a listen :)

'David's Beat' NuDisco Maxi Single Now Available!

Hey hybridnettes and hybrids, my apologies for not updating my blog here on Reverbnation! I usually keep my updates on my website www.TheDeafnerFX.com, so feel free to check there regularly to stay up to date with me!

Anyway, my newest release, 'David's Beat' is finally here! This release is dedicated to my 1000th follower on Twitter, David Navarro. It definitely took me awhile to piece this NuDisco song together, but was well worth it! So be sure to listen to the snippets here on my Reverbnation profile, and if you like it, you can go to my website to download the maxi-single for free at www.thedeafnerfx.com/audiohertz/discography/davids-beat.


Dirk Deafner

'Passionation' Downtempo Track Available for Free Download

Hey hybridnettes and hybrids, I've finally released my downtempo track 'Passionation'...well, in a literal sense! This track was originally sent out on the first email newsletter of the my new website launch, but I wasn't really satisfied with the final outcome of the track. So, I decided not only to clean up the original mix, but I also managed to create two extra mixes of it! If you are a fan of deep house (as ya'll know I am), you'll love the two extra mixes I've put together, guarantee it! :) But if you want to get these tracks for free, you'll have to sign up for my email newsletter, by either signing up for my email list here on Reverbnation or on my website at www.TheDeafnerFX.com. Now that's not so bad is it? :)

I have more new music in the works (mainly with my upcoming EP "The Deafner FX" but other stuff as well), so keep me in your radar! And once again, I greatly appreciate the continued support, you guys keep me afloat like no other!


The Deafner FX Website Launch!

The time has finally come hybridnettes and hybrids; The Deafner FX website is now fully functional! My team and I are finally done with the site, and now it's open for you all to visit, listen to music, read articles and so forth. To read a complete list of the new features of the site, be sure to go to the Updates section and read the article 'Welcome to The Deafner FX!'.

I also have another music-wise surprise for ya'll, in the form of another EP to go right along with the website launch. A couple of friends of mine decided to help me out, and in the end, 'No Remorse Code: Enter The Remix' was born! These are remixes concocted from the original tracks of my most recent EP, 'No Remorse Code', and bring more shine to the originals as well! Give the tunes a listen on my Reverbnation profile, then go on ahead and download the freEP on my website at www.thedeafnerfx.com/audiohertz/discography. And while you're at it, give these guys a listen as well; they're the ones who contributed to remixing the project! Thanks guys!

Nagwoode - www.soundcloud.com/nagwoode

Soundgrave - www.soundcloud.com/soundgrave_music

KOTIC - www.soundcloud.com/iamkotic

Also, for even MORE new music, I released another downtempo track titled 'Passionation', which I'm sure yall will love if you like the 'Paris Morgan' track I did. But, the only way to get it is if you sign up on my Reverbnation email list, so if you haven't already, go on ahead and sign up for it if you want the free download!

And for now, that's it! Now, I can begin working on this EP! Be on the lookout for more new content on the site, and hope to see you there!

- Dirk Deafner

Update, 1/16/2013

Hey hybridnettes and hybrids, how's it going? I apologize for not keeping up with my Reverbnation page; I've been busy as all hell trying to get this new website in order (which will release 2/13/2013 hint hint). Its been taking its toll on me, but in the end, I know all the work I do will pay off! So let's see...updates, updates, and more updates.....I think a list of whats going on with me will fare better than some long drawn out paragraph don't yall think?

- My new website, The Deafner FX, will be officially up and running 2/13/2013. Brand new layout, and I've also made it easier to go thru, as opposed to the layout I had on the last website. I've added 'The FX Top 5' feature, which will showcase the top 5 songs that I feel are good and are deemed to be on the site. Also, you'll be able to view the site either on the internet (duh) or on your mobile phone, so you'll be able to go on my website with ease no matter the format now. Overall, the site is just better, PERIOD. :)

- For my new fans, I've recently changed my artist name from EmCDL to Dirk Deafner, so if you happen to see artwork and whatnot that have the EmCDL name, disregard it. I am officially Dirk Deafner now. I actually have a blog post on my old site about the change, but the old site is gonna go down this weekend, so when the new site is up, you can read all about it.

- I released a downtempo track this past week titled 'Paris Morgan', be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

- If you want to download any of the tracks that you listen to via on here, go to my Soundcloud page to download them. Once the new website is up, you'll be able to go on there to download them from the AudioHertz/discography section. www.soundcloud.com/dirkdeafner

- Once the new site is up, I will be working on another EP (which will be for sale...I know right??? Can you believe it??? I'm selling music again!). At first it was going to be called 'The Funk Innate' EP, but I've decided to name it the same name as the website: The Deafner FX. I want to be more open on the creation of the ep instead of focusing on just one type of genre (in this case, it would have been disco/funk house). Look forward to its release sometime early June of this year.

- I see that I've gained a gripload of new fans, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for supporting me! I plan on catching up with all the new hybridnettes and hybrids soon, so be on the lookout for me in your comments section!

And err...that's about it I suppose. I'll keep you guys updated on any changes. And last but not least...

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I saw that I'm #1 in the house music rankings in my area and all I can say is WOW! I really do appreciate it, but of course, there's more work to be done! And on that note, I'm outta here!

#L8 #GetHype #GetFXed

A New Beginning: The Evolution of Dirk Deafner

Hey hybridnettes and hybrids how's it going? I have some new info for you regarding some new changes with me, but I don't think that I'll be able to fit it all on this one post...so, I will instead post up a link to the post for you to read, as to why you have been seeing the sudden artist name change as of late. Trust me, it's definitely for the best! So head on over to my site TheEmCDLEffect.com and get ya read on! Let me know your thoughts on the matter, would love to hear them!

Link to blog post: http://www.theemcdleffect.com/home/2012/11/5/a-new-beginning-the-evolution-of-dirk-deafner.html

"Solid Groove State' Released For Free Download

Hello my hybridnettes and hybrids, the time has come....to getcha groove on-getcha groove on!!! Ok, that was a little too much, but nonetheless, the single from off my upcoming EP "The Funk Innate", 'Solid Groove State', is now available for free download. The lock and chain has been removed, so feel free to bump this track however you see fit! While ya'll are distracted by the pulsating synths, groovy bassline, and bangin' kicks, I'm just gonna be over here working on the rest of the EP...*no response* HA! IT WORKED! *runs off*....

You can download the single here on my Reverbnation page, my Soundcloud page (soundcloud.com/EmCDL) or directly of my website (it will be the first entry you see, just click on the artwork to download). Enjoy! #L8

New EP Title Revealed, 'Solid Groove State' available 10/17

I have some more good news for you all of the Hybrid Way faction (that's what I call my fellow fans from here on out, dope or nah?). Now that most of the 'buzz' has sort of died down pertaining to the 'No Remorse Code' EP, I've been working on some new material that I hope to release sometime in November. The EP I'm currently working on, titled 'The Funk Innate' EP, will contain elements of funk, disco, and electro house genres, as well as a little bit of jazz seasoning to even everything out. Lately I've been getting inspired by the music within the disco/funk house genres, so I'm taking all of my frustration out on this EP! Rah Rah! This EP will also lead up into my 'Music & Wine' EP (I know, finally right?) as well as it's next single, 'Young Geriatric'. But for now, just focus on the upcoming foley that is The Funk Innate...focus....yes focus hahahahaha! *Ahem*

I'm also going to release one of the tracks from off the EP next Wednesday 10/17, titled 'Solid Groove State'; an upbeat, funky, dance and synth heavy track to get you two-stepping quite furiously mm-hmm mm-hmm! I'm actually extremely proud of the work I did on this track; my musical landscape plateau has risen significantly since the release of the last EP, you can just feel it in the track! Ugh! *Does P.Diddy dance* You can listen to the latest track on my Reverbnation page.

Until then hybridnettes and hybrids, #L8

'No Remorse Code' EP playing at Spatial 2012

What's up hybridnettes and hybrids, got some more good news for you! This Friday in Lancaster, CA will be the first ever EDM event hosted by Electric Blacklight title 'Spatial 2012'. This event is for the folks that say that the EDM scene is dying, and we want to let them know that it's still alive and kicking! My latest EP will be played at the event, as well as a few exclusive tracks that will be first heard there as well that's off my upcoming untitled EP that will be released sometime in November. So if you are in the area, come thru, listen and dance the night away to some dope EDM music! And if you see me, don't be afraid to say hi!

And for the folks that won't be able to make it, the exclusive tracks will be available (for listening only) to listen to here on my Reverbnation page, as well as my Soundcloud page (www.soundcloud.com/EmCDL); I don't wanna leave ya'll out! Now....GET HYPE!


'No Remorse Code' EP posted on YaBoyVett and PhoenixStar9 website blogs

Hey hybridnettes and hybrids! Hope you are enjoying the EP I released this past weekend (and if you haven' downloaded it yet, you can cop it on my site, TheEmCDLEffect.com). I just wanted to share with you that my EP has been posted on some music blogs: One on YaBoyVett's music blog (http://www.yaboyvett.com/2012/09/new-music-emcdl-no-remorse-ep.html), and the other on Phoenixstar9' site (http://www.phoenixstar9online.com/2012/09/artist-emcdl-speaks-on-newest-release-no-remorse-code-the-ep-emcdl_effected.html), which has a promo interview that will give you insight on what made me do a whole EP over the course of a weekend and what's been going on with me thus far. Hope you enjoy the music and the interview! Got some more stuff in the works so be on the lookout for more new music!