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Fair and Warmer aka sunny skies touch a brown brown star

There is new and exciting things happening in the world of brownstar. First a suggestion, on a sunny day go outside, take of your clothes, lay on your belly and..... spread your buttcheeks and take a few deep breathes. Best meditation that exists, at least out of any method I've actually done. THE OFFICIAL NEWS OF THE BAND FORMERLY KNOWN AS BROWNSTAR:

1. The band is changing its name. No it's not because it's immature and gross. Immature and gross represents the band somewhat well. It's because there exist many bands that have that universal name. Just look on myspace; rappers, joke bands, butt rock (no pun intended) The new name......drum roll..........ELBOW COULEE

2. The band has a release date for the album if all goes as planned the album, When the Cities Fall..., will be out by the end of July, this summer. As of right now it's mixed 99% of the way and we're really happy with it. Now we need about another $1000 to get the mastering and duplication done as well as release some much needed t-shirts, stickers, and panties. This will be a full length album that will be available online and at shows, as well as, Wal Mart, Best Buy, Sam Goody etc... Keep your eyes out there will be a full length club style dance mix for the new song Dance Now, done by the official mixer, Christian aka mixerguy Heilmann.

3. We'll be on hiatus until Andrew gets back from Alaska on July 9th then watch out. We'll make sure to hit the methow valley, Seattle, Bellingham and Olympia right when we get back, and then a two week tour in the beginning of september.

Thanks for reading, I have nothing more to say, no b.s., or quasi-witty, partial quirky, segmoidally pretarded banter to spout. thanks andrew from ELBOW COULEE (from the Brownstar)

Things are happening.... when money comes....

Hey hey. It's Andrew from Brownstar giving everyone an update on the happenings of the band. We've been working our ass off the last two weeks in Clatter and Din studio in seattle. The goal was to get Dance Dance, and Tip the Waitress completely ready for mastering alas they're not quite there yet. Thanks to our engineers Tom, and Kellen- we will be happy someday- for working their asses off. Also thanks to Steve for the mastering and advice. Can't wait. Since we're spread out across the state right now we've only done about 2 shows a month, so if we come close to you take advantage because we're just not taking as many shows. We've got Methow Valley Big Air contest/ Cancer benefit at the Loop Loop on March 6, We will be competing in a battle of the bands in Bellingham on March 19th, Ellensburg at The Space on the 9th of April, and Arts Walk in Olympia at the 4th Ave on april 23rd. Thanks for reading. Drop us a line.

Dates for the "Victory Over Wentachee" tour. You won't believe it.

First; yes, Brownstar is touring the Northwest. Dates as of now are posted on all websites, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, etc... The tour will be to promote Brownstar's yet to be named new 7 song album. And as opposed to "JourneyQuest," Brownstar's first album, this new one has all been done in a top of the line studio, namely Robert Lang Studios. All the engineering done by the world famous Tom Pell, of Robert Lang Studios. The tour begins in Eugene, and ends... who knows where. It's short so make sure to come out when Brownstar hits your town. There will most certainly be new theatrical elements to the show and the whole tour will be themed, costumes and all. Second; Right now Brownstar is in the editing, mixing, and mastering process with the aforementioned Tom Pell. Things are moving along in that regard. Gigs are a limited for Brownstar because we're all in different places right now. We will be playing on the 15th of August at Aaron Rae's wedding in the Methow Valley, and we may have an all ages show at the Black Hills Grange, but we'll see. Well thanks for keeping up. Raleigh Stones

Brownstar takes over Olympia, with the help of Glass Elevator, and the Hard Way

Oh my. All the little kids, mini-scenesters, and moms and dads, and friends, thank you so much for coming to OIMF (Olympia Independent Music Festival). Thanks to Glass Elevator, Sylvester park was booked for July 3rd and the Sun decided to show up, and show up hard. With little setbacks, amazing sound, and awesome bands, OIMF went off without a hitch. Everyone long sets. Brownstar even played Message In a Bottle, Under the Bridge, and, of course, Ramble On to the delight of the fans. Let me tell you, for sure playing outside is by far superior to anything in the world. And you can quote it. spoit spot spweet.