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well. a quick blog. Sadly we will not have Sam, our drummer for our two shows on Saturday. But they will be unique and fun indeed. We are doing an acoustic show in Olympia at the Classic Winemakers downtown on 4th with the famous Jenny Jenkins. We will be doing old, new, and weird songs. Then at the White Rabbit in Fremont we have a special surprise, our first show with mr. MPC! Dance extravaganza. EC has worked their tail off to make this show kick ass even though our awesome drummer can't be there. So we're glad to be back in Seattle to show everyone how far we've come since last time.

Shows and Videos!

Here we are, and as lazy as we can be on the internet.... we triple that in our hard work in the practice space! We have a new drummer and his name is Sam Pohl. He is the frontman for the Dave BenSam Trio and a very versatile, and talented dude. Our first show was Oct 5 at the Olympia Ballroom with the Polyrhythmics, and Oct 6 at the 12:30 Room with Brown Edition. Two awesome local shows to be a involved in. As to shows coming up... Bellingham, Thursday Nov 8th at the Underground w/ the Vonvettas!! pretty awesome. Olympia, Thursday Nov 15 at the Eastside with The Jeff Campbell Band, and AKA and the Heart Hurt Goods. thanks Jabi! We've got many a new song to debut and a music video we're planning on shooting in December. Tanks

Tons of Elbow Coulee happenings! AAAH!

So much to tell all of our friends! First Elbow Coulee's album, Extra-Dimensions is finished. 6 beautiful tracks recorded by our own Joshua Morgan with stunning artwork from our own Jef Randall. We couldn't hardly be any prouder of this album and can't wait to share it. Look for the release in the following weeks. Itunes, CDBaby, hard copies you know. Next, I must say this has already been an epic summer of shows. We've gotten to play with some bands that really deserve a good listen. We got to play the mainstage at Northwest Lovefest in Seattle, 2 weeks ago. A great time and we got to meet and listen/watch a bunch of awesome bands. Portland's The Fault Lines, Tacoma's Fame Riot, and Ben Union. As well as Seattle's own Georgetown Orbits. Thanks Jeremy and everyone we met there. See you next year. Then yesterday, we played OIMF 2012 (Olympia Independent Music Festival) what a gorgeous grassroots festival. Started by members of Glass Elevator years ago, OIMF is the premiere music festival in Olympia... easily. Thanks to John Manini, of course, for making this happen. Enough ass kissing. Here's the bands we really hope to be playing with more soon. There's always our brother bands The Hard Way, and Glass Elevator, and they both killed the stage with their sound waves. Our good friends Full Moon Radio kept the heat, hot, and after we played we got to see two amazing bands! We couldn't really gush anymore about The Fabulous Downey Brothers. They are always ready to blow your mind, and never disappoint. They make you smile no matter how you thought you were feeling. and our new friends Olympia's Hollywood Kill Krew. These hip hoppers are Oly to the core. Hopefully we'll be playing with all these guys soon. Every band mentioned here really deserves a listen. AUGUST 1ST UNOFFICIAL CD RELEASE AT LE VOYEUR! NO ONE KNOWS. AUGUST 3RD WE GOTS A SHOW AT THE TWISP PUB! (Come watch Elbow Coulee and The Sunz of Sound. Dance party baby!!) AUGUST 4TH A SHOW IN LEAVENWORTH, DER HINTERHOF!

Purrrfecting the art of the infamous 'cat solo' or the Green Pill...

A cat solo, for those not yet privy, is somewhat similar to a guitar solo. That is to say it resembles the sonic characteristics of a guitar but performed vocally by a human(?) emulating a cat's meow and can be aided and enhanced by the use of a standard wah-wah pedal. One might also choose to experiment further by processing the voice with vintage analog gear(delays, filters, et cetera) or modern computer effects(grm tools are some of my personal favorites), though a talented and slightly buggered vocalist can usually do without such fancy gadgetry. Moving right along...this week finds us wrapping up the recording of our new album (alas, not one cat solo made it onto any of the tracks!) then we begin our journey to the bands origin point. A very exciting time/trip/show/trip/time will be had by many and for Jef, Michael and myself it will be a glimpse into the 'home' archetype that is shared by the Tuller brothers. Something that we have only experienced vicariously thru the memories of aforementioned brothers. Ahhh, the grand illusion will soon be made into reality, but whose reality? Yours? Mine? The collective reality of conscious and unconscious thought? Screw the red pill, screw the blue pill. Where is the green pill? -Joshua


Hi friends! a blog for the folks who care. here we are middle of 2012 and Elbow Coulee just busting out of their blouse all over the place. I'd like to take a quick look back, a skip through the present, and onto what's coming up for EC this June and beyond. A couple of great weekends were just played out at the May 26 McCoys show and the June 1 Hell's Kitchen show. The McCoys show was a strange one for all Cooligans. After meeting Full Moon Radio, and Pirex who had awesome sets and are awesome folks too, we seemed to get off on the bad foot with the infamous fat bastard Jon, of McCoys. If you want to hear the details of Elbow Coulee getting thrown of the stage, chanting "fuck that guy!", and boycotting McCoys, just ask someone. word gets around the Oly area. June 1st at Hell's Kitchen in Tacoma was awesome too. Elbow Coulee opened the night to about 30 people and definitely surprised those 30 people. We have a saying "No matter who's here and who's not, we are! and we give as much as we have." so we made a lot of friends and connections. At the present time, we are finishing up the recording for Extra-Dimensions, an EC EP slated to come out in August! We're really excited for this. Jef is doing all the artwork and will really blow everyone away with the idea. Coming in June??? Only a Twisp Pub show with Glass Elevator on June 16th! This will be a fun show for all the Valley folk around to see what EC is up to and to meet their friends Glass Elevator. Then of course, LoveFest in Fremont, Magnussen Park! Elbow Coulee on the mainstage around 2:30! check out brownpapertickets, and enter in the code Elbow Coulee. more next week. andrew


After quite a bit of controversy and craziness Elbow Coulee has made it through a near death experience. But guess what?!! we have three new members. a brief intro first of all. (from the perspective of Me, Andrew) JeF Randal (aka Frandalf)- old, but new skins and cymbals player. Coming from local Oly bands from the past such as Dry Ink, and Stickfigure Strippers, Jef has lots of shows under his belt. A weirdo brained, steady rocker, Jef is the perfect drummer for the band like minded Elbow Coulee. Michael Rossi (Guitarzi) - new guitar player, the young stud of the band. Hailing from Enumclaw and built for playing guitar and bucking bales. Mike has brought a steady flow and tasteful creativity to the band. Michael was in the Oly band String Theory prior to joining EC. Joshua Morgan - Josh plays things for the band. Under things could be listed a juno synth and an analog Moog, but his gear expands and contracts. The creative mastermind behind Gontara and also listed in an indie magazine as one of 2011's top 100 coolest people. EC welcomes this brand new aspect to the band.

Anyways these are the new members. look for pictures on the website and such. Matt and I are so fucking happy with the reshaping of the the band. Very pleasantly surprised with the results of the last 2 months of practice. We'll be gigging again so very soon. Here is a quick Elbow Coulee Calendar. Feb 4th Elbow Coulee house party and music video shoot. details on Facebook. Feb 10th Elbow Coulee plays at 11:00 at the Voyeur in Olympia. (w/ Jabi Shriki, Fight For Change, and Point Process) March 3rd Elbow Coulee plays 4th Ave Tavern in Olympia. details as they come (with Horsebodies!) March 9 or 10 Elbow Coulee plays all ages show in Bellingham Details will be announced soon Late March we will be having a show at El Corazon Early April we will be having a show at the High Dive in Fremont, details as they come.

So catch the new Elbow Coulee and make our day! Say hi and meet the newbies. they're the best.


hey hey hey. it's fat andrew here. relating some happenings and lack of happenings, and try to make happenings. First, shows: may 7 4th ave tav, oly, w/ bodybox, and say banzai. we play last. may 13, club motor, sodo, w/ Pretty Enemy june 4th, twisp pub, twisp june 10th conscious culture fest, tonasket we're excited and happy and we're also doing LOVEFEST! but i don't have that date yet. we're trying to record, but no not yet. we have lots of t-shirts and a bad ass design, alas haven't found a place to screen print. anyways hell kitchen was rad. who would've thought all those tough dudes and chicks wearing black we're actually super nice, friendly people? I mean hang out in yuppie bellingham and you have to bump chest with all the Frat boys with small dicks, or Tacoma wear everyone could pass for being in a biker gang but they're more polite and engaging than the rest of the 1-5 corridor. thanks to Matt Eklund who does the ARTIFAKT art shows check him out online. more to come. andrew

feb 2 me and you

Elbow Coulee Blog Feb 2 2011 Hey it's singer andrew here to update and titillate. First a few thanks to everyone who came out to Chehalis, and Burlington last weekend. Lots of fun, and refreshing venues. Everyone should check out youtube and look for our latest video. Lots of new song snippets, and cool cover songs, and the Elbow Coulee crew just being weird. you can see it on facebook too. oh yeah. we also have a facebook "fan site" so if y'all would go over there and "like" it, that would be cool. We've sold 100 hard copies of the album and just got 100 more so if y'all don't have one, they're here now, and available at CDbaby.com. we will be selling them again at the 4th ave tavern on feb 12th when we play with Kidnap the Past, and Astrovan. This will be a great show, the guys from Kidnap the Past are former members of Fungus Riot who use to rock Olympia for a long time. So instead of Brownstar and Fungus Riot, it will be Elbow Coulee and Kidnap the Past. These times a be a changin. Also if any one is interested in helping us with some projects please e mail us. Projects are as follows: New Website: need consultation. maybe a hand in revamping our social networking sites, and advice on how to build an online one-page. Webisodes: need extras, editor, someone with experience to consult with. News and Reviews: need to get album reviews. Oh one more piece of awesome news we got offered a couple gigs in twisp so... hometown here we come june 3 and 4.

Elbow Coulee ATTACK

Hey y'all it's been a long time since I've written a new blog... so sorry. Is it really my fault that I'm lazy? ok it is. but I'm trying. Elbow Coulee has been busy. We'd been working on jacking up our cd release party which happened last nov. 19th at the High Dive. Very successful, thanks to our friends we had a great draw and the night was awesome. There will be video of the whole shebang soon, thanks to Penguin Media. You'll want to see the video, it's full of nudity, body paint, tap dancing, horn blowing, and even a little music. Stay tuned for that shit. We'd like to say congrats to a few of our favorite bands. Glass Elevator of course, for putting out their new album Psychic Battleship and completing a successful California tour, The Hard Way will be releasing their newest album in early december, and Luc and the Lovington's for their string of awesome shows with Jason Mraz. You guys are awesome and we hope to be as cool as all the aforementioned bands someday. on another note. Welcome new drummer Mike. Mike has played every show since the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland. Come introduce yourself to Mike at the next show, you won't be sorry. (hint to the ladies) More soon. Thanks Andrew

Elbow Coulee

Even though we haven't played a show in 6 weeks alot of exciting things are happening. First if you didn't figure it out Brownstar doesn't exist, but we are now called Elbow Coulee. If you'd like to know why..... ask. See us at a show or comment on this blog. So meet Elbow Coulee. Next, the album is done just not printed. We're in the process of finishing the artwork. We definitely haven't figured out how we want to release the damn thing. We've had some interest from labels that we don't really care as much about, and the ones we'd like to be involved with don't have any interest in us. Not a surprise. So we're pondering another grass roots self-released full length album. Only this time we're Elbow Coulee, and this time it took a whole team of bad asses to put this together, not to mention a whole team of dollar bills. basically this is a pro album and we're really proud of it. and though we haven't figured out how to release it, we still have it streaming for free on anjuno.com and reverbnation.com. just search Elbow Coulee. We are also announcing our tour as being from Sept. 1-15 appx. We have a for sure show in San Francisco, so can we stay at your place? as usual we're flying by the seat of our pants for this tour. We'll probably hit up SF, Sacramento, Humboldt County area, Eugene, Corvallis, Portland, Oly, Seattle, Bellingham. So stay tuned for dates and venues. Since I, (andrew) have been in Alaska for 7 weeks, I've ammassed some knowledge on touring the biggest state in the US. Seems profitable and fun. Look forward to it in 2011. Hope I haven't left anything out. Oh yeah, we're playing at the High Dive with Viva La Villains and Pillow Army on august 19th, a thursday. Viva La Villains are having a cd release party and we're stoked to play. We'll also welcome Jef Randall to take over drumming duties for the night and possibly more in the future. We're pumped and so ye should be. thanks andrew and Elbow Coulee Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&bID=536965481#ixzz0tLznqeSZ