Let's Hang Out

We are playing Friday May 6th at Herman's Hideaway. Come see us and join in the fun. We will be filming fan interviews, buying you drinks, and giving you emotional scars that will last a lifetime.

Get tickets here or at the show: http://ticketf.ly/21zeVzE

Higher Ground Music Fest: August 20-22, 2015.

RED STiNGER will be playing the Punching Mule stage on Sat. August 22.

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We need money.

help us out and donate what you can at: http://www.gotstinger.com/donate

Tour Blog

Check here for quick details of our days and nights on the road. Or check out our complete blog at http://alaskanpipeline76.blogspot.com/

Bandwagon 3

The contest is heating up...tonight, Friday, May 1th at Herman's Hideaway. Our password is SCREAMING MONKEY BONER! it's just like having a ticket.

We are conflicted about the whole "battle of the bands" thing with this but Colorado Music Buzz is great for the local scene so we are all in for them.

Vegas Destination Tour

RED STiNGER is heading out with our boys King Rat to play 2 nights in Vegas...this may end badly...so stay tuned!