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Wintermute's first Decade

That's right, I am happy to say my little Wintermute music project is now 10 years running. Current number of songs released is just over 400. It seems like yesterday that I was reading the most recent issue of Wired magazine on a plane on the way back from a business trip. One of the articles toward the back was written by Chuck D. which talked about the rise of the mp3 format and this new website called mp3.com. He talked about how people could release and distribute music from mp3.com and how much this would change the music industry. He talked about how much more an artist could release without having to be hemmed up by the whims and production schedules of the major labels. Ultimately he talked about how this would free artist to create what they wanted to, and how it had and would continue to bring forth a massive number of amateur artists and "legitimize" a number of underground artists--he was talking about what would become what mp3.com termed: "The new music Revolution" I thought, hey I have always wanted to do this--be in a "band", be the band--I just never had a "forum" to do it with. So, I bought a new keyboard (A Yamaha DJX), bought some mixing software (Acid), set up an account at mp3.com and away I went, into the "fray" of "The new music Revolution"--even though I have never regretted creating "Wintermute", oh what a bloody battle that was :)