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Review of new Album

Alice In Thunderland are a 4 piece Rock/Metal band hailing from Bridlington, East Yorkshire and 'Truth In The Silence' is their brand new album which is due to be launched on the 2nd of November. It's the bands 5th, self released, album and was recorded at the Powerstage Studio and was engineered/produced by AIT's secret fifth member Mickey Bolton who has worked as a live sound engineer for the likes of Cradle Of Filth, Lacuna Coil and Napalm Death which, i'm sure you'll agree, is some pedigree. 'Truth In The Silence' features 8 tracks of the bands own compositions that showcases their own brand of Rock/Metal music. The first track up is Open Your Eyes, a mid paced rocker with heavy guitar riffs/chugging, courtesy of AIT's newest recruit Chris I'Anson, thundering bass and pounding drums drive the track along whilst the powerful Rock/Metal vocals of front woman Kala rise majestically above through the vocal verses and the slighly slower chorus ... a heavy, melodic opener that's guaranteed to get your head nodding in appreciation. The pace slows with the rock ballad Black 'n' Blue, heartfelt vocals over a soulful guitar, soft bass and drums before leading into a heavier chorus section and a quality guitar solo mid way through the track, let me see your lighters in the air. The pace picks up again as the heavy guitar intro to Push blasts from the speakers, another mid paced track with a solid rhythm section, provided by Kev Truelove on bass and Stu Millington on drums, in which the vocals of Kala take centre stage again. Next up is the brooding Darkness Falls a slow paced ballad with quality bluesy guitar work and soulful vocals which give the track a haunting feel that fits in with the lyrical content of the song. Big guitar riffs are to the fore once more in the next track Keep Your Motor Running, an up tempo rocker with melodic vocals, outstanding guitar work and a catchy hook line which is bound to have you nibbling on the bait. The albums title track Truth In The Silence slows the pace slightly, another guitar riff laden track with soulful but powerful vocals that rise effortlessly into the the songs chorus section. By far the fastest and heaviest track on the album is the anthemic Scream For Justice, a full on Hard Rock/Metal assault which is very pleasing to the ear. Driving bass lines, pounding drums and heavy guitar riffs/chugging power the track along whilst Kala's vocals are belted out with passion which rise to an ear splitting pitch as she does indeed scream for justice whilst the added spoken male vocal further emphasizes the range of her voice. The album closer Chasing Rainbows is a mid paced riff laden rocker of a track with the powerful, melodic vocals of Kala taking centre stage once more especially in the catchy chorus sections and the lighter musical passage towards the end of the song. Again, a special mention has to go out to the musicianship of new band member Chris I'Anson for his guitar work, not just on this track where the solo is sublime, but throughout the whole album.

Alice In Thunderland have certainly pulled out all the stops with their new album 'Truth In The Silence', 8 tracks of quality Rock/Metal music delivered with Passion, Precision and Power.

Highly recommended for any fans of the Rock/Metal genre ..... 5/5

SeventhSon @ Black Phoenix Rising

Happy Christmas to all our fans

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans for there support through a rollercoaster ride of a year Tony Dean left the band taking time out of music but now helping our good friends Badge prepare for there first gig in several years, then the very talented Chris I'anson joined us changing the sound of the band and moving us forwards we have started recording a new album at Powerstage with Mikey Bolton at the helm and look forward to finishing it in the new year. So heres wishing you all avery Merry Christmas see you all in 2013.

New guitarist Chris I'Anson plays first gig with A.I.T.

New guitarist Chris I'Anson played his first gig with A.I.T. down Shades in Bridlington receiving a fantastic welcome from the A.I.T. fans he adds a new dimension to the bands sound although A.I.T. have gone back to being a one guitar band Chris more than makes up for this with his brilliant technique and style.