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brothers and sisters,

wishing all your dreams come true in the new year, and the best in life for you.

i am amazed by you guys

what an amazing group of talented musicians i have found here. may all your dreams come true, brothers and sisters

a great big "thank you"......

to all the artists and fans that have joined my site here, as well as on my other site: dick and the dicktones featuring some of my friends joining in with me. best always, richard

recommendations are for all that join my street team.

yeah, all that join my street team get promoted on my site. wish i could do everone that has become a fan, but alas, reverbnation only allows only so many. best to all, and keep doing that great music of yours. also, you might have noticed that i always listen to a lot of music by the artists that listen to my music. best regards and continued success

too damn many vacations,

traveling all over, and what great musicians there are out playing. let's get out there and make it happen.

ok, back playing out live again...

been going at it with bad brad karow and the blues pharoahs. brother brad has been lining up about 12 to 15 gigs a month, and i seem to make about 8 to 10 of those gigs as their bass player. we have some very fine artists sitting in with us, and i am gratful to play with these musicians. if any of you musicians that like the blues standards are in the san diego area, be sure to contact either brad or myself. we would love to have you out with us. best to all, brothers and sisters

just been listening to all you fine artists

yeah i'm back to work, and haven't been recording or even out playing live. what a drag you know that is, but have been enjoying listening to as many of your tunes as i can fit in. so keep up the great creations you are recording, and i will be a listening. it's all good......

ok i haven't been recording that much lately, just out playing live

check out- bad brad karow and the blues pharoahs. this is a group of fine musicians that i play with about once a week. it's all blues and the posting at brad's site are all live recording. hope you enjoy and become a fan of brad's site. thanks, richard

i have this crazy little notion for the next tunes to be available,

could we do a long distance collaboration with the fine musicians and vocalists found both here and on myspace? i think it can be done, and will continue to snoop around for you guys and gals. it appears "magic fingers" and great voices are everywhere. as always, best regards and continued success to all, richardmagicfingers

richard casey callahan, william r. stickland, chris peters, glenn scott

ok kiddos, here is some tunes for your enjoyment, and remember we are just having fun. best regards, and continued success to all, richardmagicfingers