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Final show...

Hello friends... Fri Dec13th THA will take the stage for the last time together... it's been some great years. We hope you enjoyed our music as much as we liked making it the show is only $7 at the historic Metro

we have tix on us or you can buy them online use promo code "tomorrow" to save 2 dollars on metrochicago's website

We hope 2 see every1 one last time... please download our music for FREE on your phone/ipods and let our legacy live on

Hello THA Fans Nationwide

We have a very important battle of the band in the upcoming month. We won the 1st rd w/ your help & our performance. "IAMFEST" is a shot to play w/ some recognized artists at the House of Blues in Chicago

On june 29th we are playing at 1030pm & our set will be LIVE online at battle.iam.fest.com

We also have some new ladies merch coming, a ton of shows new songs & hope u all along for the ride.

Please download our new album & 2 previous demos off our reverb page www.reverbnation.com/tomorrowhasarrived

Tomorrow is here

The latest update for tomorrow has arrived. We are currerntly writing great material for our upcoming cd. Drums track should start to be recorded no later then the beinging of Jan. I'm extremely proud and excited to release our new music to the public and i believe you should be too because this cd will b e the BEST THA record to date! Mark my wordz, SON!!--JA