Tons of Band News to End the Year!

Hello there friends! There’s tons of news for the band right now, so let’s get right to it:

NEW LINEUP. With the departure of our friend and lead guitarist Jon Knight, we auditioned for new bandmates in October and November. We went kinda crazy, though, as not only did we get a new guitar player (Gregg Jones), but a keyboard player (Terry Valde) as well! We also brought our long-time colleague Eric Wood into the fold full-time on percussion, so we are now a six-piece band. We're all pretty excited about writing and performing with this group of guys. We're busy writing new songs and rebuilding a live set, and are looking forward to a busy 2014.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THAT EP? Astute fans will remember that we were working on an EP of songs with Jon Knight before the new lineup fell into place. Yes, we are finishing that up with Jon now. It will be the final release for that four-piece lineup, and will include the last of the new songs we wrote while Jon was in the band. We've got drums, bass and most rhythm guitars tracked, and are working to get it wrapped up and up to our Bandcamp site very early next year (hopefully January). Recordings after that point will feature all the guys in the current lineup.

INDEPENDENT EAR PRODUCTIONS. We’re happy to announce that we are joining the musical family at Independent Ear Productions in 2014! iEP is a production/promotions company that will be helping us with distribution, marketing and bookings, and we’re very excited about this new partnership. Please do us a favor and visit iEP at http://independentearproductions.com.

NEW WEBSITE. We’ve got a new web site up at http://www.whoatiger.com, that now bundles up all the latest news with handy links to our catalog at Bandcamp and all our social media locations. We’ll get fresh promotional pics of the new lineup up there very soon. Check it out!

MAILING LIST. We’ve migrated our mailing list over to Mailchimp. Please help us grow our list by telling your friends about us. Forward this opt-in form to all your music fan contacts so we can get the word out to more people in 2014! http://eepurl.com/LfP6L

We’re coming up on six years as a band, and while we write and play this music because we’re blessed with great musical friendships and we have a blast doing it, none of this would be quite the same without a supportive audience, and we thank you all for that. There’s a tangible sense that 2014 might be our best year yet, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. We can’t wait to see you all again next year.

Jack, Terry, Erik, Gregg, Eric, Woody - WHOA!TIGER

Still Busy in 2012!

Friends, we haven’t blogged here in some time, but if you’ve been keeping track, you know that we’ve still been plenty busy. Our new album, “The Rollout”, dropped in March, and we just got done with a very fun show at the Vogue!

Coming up, we’ve got our annual appearance at the Franklin Relay for Life, and we were one of the first two bands recently announced to be part of the 2012 lineup for the Linton Music Festival! Lots more to come this summer, so join us at a show and hang on!

Summer Schedule!

Hello everyone! If you know WHOA!TIGER, you know that when the weather gets nice, we love getting outside and jamming at the outdoor events. We're very excited to let you all know that we're going to be outside a whole bunch this summer, with lots of great chances to play for new audiences around the state. Please see the current schedule in the list at the bottom of this note. Also, don't forget that this Saturday, 5/14, we'll be supporting the Relay for Life in Franklin, IN with a 90-minute set of our original music for the Relay teams (and YOU, if you're there!). This is our third year at this relay, and we're happy to be able to help out with this cause again. Live music starts at 12:30pm, and we go on at 5:15pm. If you know someone on any Relay for Life team, please support them with a donation! As a reminder, you can find the video to our latest single, "Three Coins", here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w18C_YzcSq0, and video of our recent appearance on the IndyStyle morning TV program here: http://www.wishtv.com/dpp/indy_style/arts_and_music/whoa%21-tiger Thanks for your continued support in 2011! WHOA!TIGER CURRENT 2011 SUMMER SCHEDULE (as always, subject to change) 14 MAY - Franklin Relay for Life (www.relayforlife.org/franlinin) 18 JUN - Slamology (www.slamology.com) 02 JUL - Locals Only, with Dave Ralston Band! (www.localsonlyindy.com) 13 AUG - Mosey Down Main Street Festival Series, Lafayette (www.moseydownmain.com) 03 SEP - Linton Music Festival (www.lintonmusicfest.com) 24 SEP - Rocky Ripple Festival (www.rockyripple.org)

New song, pics, video and website coming soon for 2011!

Happy new year to everybody in the Whoa!Tiger family!

We've really kicked the year off with a lot of activity on all fronts. Check it:

We went to Azmyth Recording in Indy this month to record a new song, called "Three Coins". This is one of the first new songs we wrote after Jon Knight joined the band last year, so it felt like the right thing to start the year by getting that new song out there. We had a great time working with Ryan Adkins and Michael Lyons, and can certainly recommend Azmyth to anybody. Definitely a smooth session! We should have that tune ready for you all no later than early February.

Also, we've been working with local photographer Sierra Hoffman on a whole bunch of new stuff to help with promotion. She shot a set of new band pics for us, and you'll be seeing those on Myspace and Facebook, as well as on gig flyers AND a new web site that is in the works. Sierra also shot a bunch of HD video at the Azmyth session, which she's going to use for a video for "Three Coins"! So, yeah, we got THAT going on too!

We return to Locals Only at the end of this month (1/29, along with the outstanding Kevin Mohl Band), and we'd love to see you there! Sierra will be there as well, shooting more filler footage for the video, so help us fill the house, and you might even show up in the final cut of the video!

We've got a good feeling about this year, and we appreciate your continued support! Look for us in more venues this year, and hopefully some of those elusive festivals as well. Plus new songs at the gigs as fast as we get them written! See you out there!

Jon, Erik, Jack, Eric - WHOA!TIGER