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"My 20 mins of fame ….Keith Fellows interviewed by Michael R. Ellenbogen on New York radio station WPAT930 26th April 2011" http://soundcloud.com/keithfellows/keith-fellows-on-wpat-2011-04


"JUST LOVE THIS SITE CHECK IT OUT" http://www.scrubradio.com/ Me On Scrub Radio http://www.scrubradio.com/bands.php?band=321 ABOUT SCRUB RADIO : Scrub Radio is about the Independent artist getting heard. With the internet being world wide, getting an artist heard in places that FM radio could never reach is our goal. We have all stated that the greatest part of being here is that one day we would have to stop playing a band because our job was done. The band was heard, liked and is now a major act. We have also been able to bring bands live sets from the local bars they play to the listeners. We have shared parties live with listeners and remote shows from where ever we can broadcast form. That includes a real "Road Show" travelling across the USA at about 80 mph!! We've won 5 IOMA (Independent Online Music Awards) for Best Internet Radio Station (only station to ever win the award) also won Most Outstanding Contribution to indie music twice, and had 4 of 5 DJ's of the Year come from Scrub Radio (all IOMA) We also took third in some other radio awards sites in 2008. Today we continue to be in the top 15% each month at internetradiotopsites.com

2010 UKSC results

Just got results from 2020 UK songwriting contest....Made the Finals and the Semifinals twice in 1 competition! tongue tied again .......Finalist in POP Category http://www.youtube.com/user/jam1eben#p/u/0/3_0RRWeHe-k The Girl On Page Three .......Semifinalist in ADCO Category http://www.youtube.com/user/jam1eben#p/u/1/0ptBdbJac9k Don't Want Me Back ........Semifinalist in COUNTRY Category http://www.youtube.com/user/jam1eben#p/u/4/pDQYiuTDXNw

IMRADIO..check it out

New radio station !Free for artists,bands etc..! Free rotation of songs!...Check it out ! http://www.imradio.com/main_index.php?f=artists_view&id=6713

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(follie's post on Blog.co.uk "Amsterdam"...THIS IS MY FAVOURITE CITY...THIS BROUGHT THE BACK MEMORIES!!!) I just love this city! Went there as a naive young lass and came back a wrecked but happy woman(hmmmm...I wonder why).Lived here for a couple years back in the early 80's a wonderful, vibrant city full of character and characters.Memories of the Milkweg(opposite the Police station),Leidseplein and The Paradiso are fondest in my heart(Happy,Happy,Happy Times). I loved getting off the Tram on my way home from work,stopping off at Leidseplein ordering a Gin & Tonic and watching the world go by,the street entertainers,the people(what a variety...Fashion then was "anything goes").There was so much going on then Squatters ,protests and free concerts in the park (especially nice on a sunny afternoon). I could rabbit on and on about my times here but I'm not going to bore you any longer...perhaps I'll save it for another time.LOL "Peace Man"

Scrubs and The Perfect Poo!

(Another Blog copied from follie at blog.co.uk "Scrubs and The Perfect Poo!" a favourite of mine) Was having a weird conversation with a friend the other week about the Perfect Poo,not sure how we got on the subject I think it was a progam with this woman in who is obsessed with Poo! Apparently she examines your poo and can tell what your diet is! She has a chart of different Poo's which she uses to match against given samples and is able to tell what you've eaten and how best to change your diet. I got quite obsessed with the idea of finding a picture of the Perfect Poo because this woman has apparently one hanging in her bathroom!(The search is continuing.) During the search I remembered a song from Scrubs which is perfect for this post and which I found Very Funny....ENJOY!!!! SCRUBS THE POO SONG : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnIk0npINiE If anyone can remember this womans name - let me know.She also appeared on the Graham Norton Show(have'nt found clip yet).

The Beatles Vs The Rutles

(Copied this "The Beatles Vs The Rutles" by follie from Blog.co.uk).Love this film! Does anyone remember "The Rutles" a comedy film satire based loosely on The Beatles.Conceived and written by Eric Idle, music and lyrics by Neil Innes, this was a very clever and funny film. The charicature of The Beatles are brilliant and the songs...well they speak for themselves. Some Rutle's songs: All You Need Is Cash A Hard Days Rut Ouch Sgt.Rutter The Tragical History Tour Let It Rot The band members are especially memorble "Ron Nasty","Dirk McQuickly","Stig O'Hara" and "Barry Wom".(Can you quess who's supposed to be who!)Dirk is my favourite.....who's yours? Some great special appearances by Michael Palin,Mick Jagger(esp. loved his comments) and even George Harrison (bless him). This is a must see video for all fans of The Beatbles,Neil Innes and Eric Idle etc,etc,etc! Who do you prefer.."The Beatles" or "The Rutles" ??? Just thought I'd add snippet "Ouch" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEEfJGp6VLw I'm off now to have a special cup of tea!(See Film to know what I mean.) "All You Need Is Cash"