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We are back in the studio! Been way to long. Last night was a bit of a struggle, but we finally laid down what we were looking for. More to come! BV GFW

Bob's Blog

Happy New Year! GFW has been very busy so far this year. Rocking & Writing, Writing & Rocking. Special shout out to Chelsie Renee' @ NightlifeNW for another great press post! Also, thank you Kristina Meccia for the kind words. We think you have a keeper Cee Cee!! That's all for now. One love all!

Bob's Blog

Rasta around the Christmas tree, have a happy Holiday...

GFDubya will be at Jesters Bar in Helena Saturday Dec. 15th. Come down and let the island sound take your mind off Old Man Winter's icy grip. See ya there! Rasta Manana.

Bob's Blog- Priorities

In 1997, I was playing a round of golf in my home town of Libby,MT with one of my best friends from High School, Willy Kemp. We were walking up the fairway of hole # 7, when Willy asked me what the date was? It occurred to me, not only did I not know the date, I wasn't entirely certain what year it was! To make this moment even worse than the epic fail it already was, Willy is simply the smartest man Iv'e ever known. And barring a chance encounter in an IHOP lobby with Stephen Hawking ,he will be the smartest guy I will ever know. Google him. He is smarter than you, and I don't even know who you are.Many years later a man approached me while I was on break at a gig. He said," I am supposed to be on the train right now. I got off for a pit stop, and ducked in here last night cuz I could hear the music. I stuck around an extra night to come hear you play that 6 string bass one more time before I get to movin' on".Great compliment! The problem was, I had no recollection of playing the previous night. I thought it was Friday. I thought we were playing there again the next night. Where am I going with this you ask? Or maybe you don't. I don't really give a shit, you're obviously still reading.Kidding. Somewhere along the way, during my music "career", I stopped playing for the music, and started playing for the life style. I got so caught up in the party, I lost sight of what really mattered. It took the passing of my Mother, and the marriage to the woman my Mother told my Father I would eventually marry, for me to see the light. Despite us not even being together at the time I might add! I lost 15 years waiting for my 15 minutes. So peeps, sing like no one is listening, & dance like no one is watching. There just isn't enough days to walk around in a haze. L8R BV

Carmen Jeanne
Carmen Jeanne  (over 5 years ago)

I thought I saw that GFW was ranked #2.

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I recently entered the world of social media, and started a Facebook page. I have bucked this trend for quite some time, as I have never been much of a follower. But, now that I was have music I am excited to share with my friends, it seemed about time. So if you would like to send me a friend request, I would love to be Facebook Buddy! This is an open invitation to some stranger danger pedophile pal action I know. But in the name of friendship, I'm going all Barney and shit. I'm taking the risk. http://www.facebook.com/bob.vignali.33

Bob's Blog

I spent some time surfing other ReverbNation bands today. There is a lot of great music out there! But there is also some bogus pantloadus as well. But I did find some bands on the North West Coast with a similar style to our own. But so far, they don't want to be my friend. But I did get fanned back by some great artist today! For that, I am appreciative. One guy in particular, don't recall the name, was ranked # 10 in his local Rock scene. He smoked the bands in front of him. Not literally of course, or he would now be # 1. And likely high as fuck. Anyway..moral of the story. Don't write em' off if they are not ranked in the top..oh. 6 or so. And don't expect # 1 to be the next great thing. Until of course, we are # 1.......Righttttt

Bob's Blog

Has a nice ring to it, don't it? So I'm sitting here staring blankly at the band name on my business card. God Fearing Women. And it got me thinking about ghosts of band names past, and band names Iv'e always wanted to use, but never did. So I thought I would share a couple. The first is one that was used at an impromtu gig years ago. Myself and a drummer friend had left a rehearsal, and stopped at little bar in the sticks for a beer. A friend of ours who plays guitar was there slingin some singing for tips. The bartender offered us free beer if we set up and played a gig that night. So it only seemed fitting to call this trio Free Beer. The bar keep posted, " FREE BEER HERE TONITE" on the marquis, and we drew a fairly decent crowd. None of whom seemed upset by the misleading advertising. These musicians names were not withheld to protect the innocent. Rest assured both were guilty of a countless number of atrocities. Although I take some pride in the marketing genius of the Free Beer concept, it still falls a distant second to those cooky Canadians"Bare Naked Ladies". That name would have caused a 5 car hillbilly highway pile up had it been posted on the marquis. The second band name is one that has never been put to use. Blood Sausage. That is a phallic masterpiece! Brilliant in it's simplicity, yet deep in it's...it's ...uhhhh. I don't know that I should continue down the deep blood sausage path. So there ya have it! Free Beer and Blood Sausage. Sounds like something you would find at a bad German Restaurant. Nazi Dogs or some shit. L8R!!

Allow myself to introduce.....myself :)~

For those of you who don't already know, GFW has made a change in their line up. My name is Bob Vignali, and I am a God Fearing Woman. Damn it.That didn't come out right.. Anyways, I have taken over the Bass duties for GFW, and I'm absolutely stoked tobe a part of this thing! For those of you who don't know me. I'm a 6 string bass player. It's been my weapon of choice for about 17 years. Iv'e been influenced by just about every schmoe that ever strapped on a bass. I am probably a little immature for my age,as I'm still giggling about the aforementioned "strapped on" comment. I like fast cars and slow children. Wait, I don't think that's quite right. I don't like long walks on the Beach. Or long walks anywhere for that matter. I don't like candle light dinners. I am a firm believer in electricity.I am a die hard Seahawks fan, and through that, God has taught me humilty & resilience. Well, I think that's enough for now. I look forward to meeting everyone soon! L8R BV

God Fearing Women Loves Bigfork

We are spending some serious time down in Bigfork this spring/summer, and we couldn't be more excited! Fridays and Margarita Mondays @ Raven, Sitting Duck 4th of July, Rendezvous Lounge on the 7th and Back to the Raven late July and August. Dana is hosting open Mic every Wednesday at the Rendezvous Lounge, and is invting any singer/songwriter/duets trios to come and share their wares. All of these events are free, the beer is cold the people are cool, and the food is great! Hope to see some of you tonight at the Raven in Woods Bay just south of Bigfork. 9 PM!

Happy New Year!

With 2011 out of the way we in GFW have a lot of positives to reminisce upon. From February's 6 degrees cold Bigfork Brewfest performance, Margarita Mondays, The Rendezvous Lounge bachelorette partys on the deck, to Cannabliss Cup, and the MCTIA Battle of the bands (congrats 20 Grand) we have have a smashing year! Big thanks to all of our friends, fans, bands and venues for sharing the stage (and cables, amps..) with us, and letting drink your booze! We are looking forward to a successful 2012 with a new EP "3 Minutes" in the looking for May/June release, thanks to 103.1 The River for putting us on the Radio! We're planning Summer tour dates in MT, WA and ID, starting with a Fund raiser for the MCTIA Feb 18th at Palace in Missoula, with Monkey and a Roast Beef Sandwich. We'll keep you all posted, BIG LOVE