New Video New Dates

Greetings music lovers! Lots of fantastic developments since the last newsletter just a couple weeks ago! First up is a new live original music video from me and my band, The Freelancers, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgmcVO3RFKo Beautifully shot and edited by Montpelier, VT Videographer, Jim Gallagher. If you’d like to sing, dance, smile, feel good and move (who doesn’t ?) this video is for you. Being an independent artist, it’s critical that everyone helps getting the word out about this work. So please like, share, comment, embed, repost, email, blog and get the word out anyway you can about the new video. Thanks! Also new dates have been added… classes in Burlington, appearances at UVM and Maple Corner. Details below… May 5-19 I’ll be all over the San Francisco area teaching, performing, leading workshops, appearing in schools and yoga studios bringing the Didge to various venues. Many folks have come forward to help make this tour possible, heartfelt thanks to all! Evolving details coming in next month’s newsletter. I still have a few open dates I’d like to fill, so if you have ideas/contacts in the Bay area, let me know! Hope to see you somewhere soon! Gratefully yours, Pitz Immediate upcoming dates… Sunday March 15 Yoga Nidra with Didgeridoo. Join Pitz and Ellen Fein at her Breathe to Change studio in Montpelier, VT 7-8pm $30. Register with Ellen through link above. Friday March 20 Pitz is a special guest performer of A Fly Illusion at the Maple Corner Community Center, Calais, VT 7pm Saturday March 21 Pitz is a special guest performer of the Chad Hollister Band, Arts Riot Burlington, VT 7:30pm Friday March 27 Sounds of Spirit Concert: Music For The Inner Journey Didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, hand percussion, flute, tambura, shruti box and overtone singing 7:30 pm @ Bear Branch Nature Center, Westminster, MD $30 To register email Jim Thomas more info... http://samarahealingcenter.com/ Wednesdays April 1, 8 & 15 Pitz teaches a 3 week Didge class at The Health Center, Plainfield, VT for sleep apnea sufferers and anyone else interested in learning to play. Did you know that playing Didgeridoo has been scientifically documented to relieve sleep apnea? And it's lots of fun! To register call Jenna 802-454-8336 or email JCorneille@the-health-center.org, $65 for 3 weeks, bring your own Didge or purcahse a "Pitz made" wood didge, 3 standard sizes $95 and below. Thursdays April 9, 16 and 23 Pitz teaches a 3 week Didge class at the Vermont Naturopathic Clinic 41 IDX Dr. Suite 220 in South Burlington, VT. Register with Pitz at pitzquattrone@gmail.com 3 week class is $75. Friday April 24 Celebrate National Arbor Day with Pitz at the University of Vermont's Davis Center. Pitz will be performing and presenting the Didgeridoo using tree branches that were grown on the UVM campus. 1:30 pm

Fall and early Winter

Hello Friends, Hope you’re having a great Autumn. The colors here in Vermont have been vivid and the sun is sweet, love this time of year! Big THANKS to The Chad Hollister Band for sharing their stage with me as we rocked and closed out a special night at the Barre Opera House a few weeks ago. If you were there, you know what I mean. If you weren’t, you missed a special night, but you have another chance to catch me with Chad’s crew in ’15 (see below) if you have a chance to see Chad live, GO! The Movin’ video has reached 3000 worldwide views! If you haven’t seen it or have and want to dance happily, check it out here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1A3kgort3s Feel free to watch, smile, shake, share and move! Lots of folks have asked me about hosting a monthly Didge drop in class and now it is happening in Montpelier thanks to Erika Dayton, new owner of Yoga Mountain, details here… Wednesday October 8 2nd Wednesday of each month, drop in Didge class @ Yoga Mountain Center, River Space, 3rd floor 7 Main St. Montpelier, VT 7- 8:30pm $20. For Didge enthusiasts, Sleep Apnea sufferers and anyone interested in the Didge. It's helpful to email me and let me know you're coming pitzquattrone@gmail.com Sunday October 19 Sound Therapy Conference Johnson State College, Johnson, VT 1-6pm. I lead a 30 minute Didge history and playing techniques presentation. Check http://www.eileenmckusick.com/ for more details. Saturday October 25 The Freelancers featuring yours truly on Didge, Carnie Barker vocals and guttural grunts, Slide Guitar ace Chris Robertson and Andy Hall on Alto Sax at Sweet Melissa's, Langdon & Elm Sts. Montpelier, VT at 9 pm. The Freelancers bring my deep groovin' original music along with our infectious improvisational electric rockin' dance party to the Capital city. Halloween gear/vibe/mindset encouraged! Sunday November 9 Yoga Nidra with Didgeridoo. Join me and Ellen Fein at the Breathe to Change studio in Montpelier, VT 7-8pm $30 or make gift if you would like. Email Ellen to register, last month this sold out! Rumor has it that I’ll be in on some type of live musical mayhem in the capital city on New Years Eve, stay tuned! Looking ahead to ’15, one very cool show is Saturday January 17. Chad Hollister has invited me to be a special guest at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in Stowe, VT! Check Chad’s site for details… http://www.chadmusic.com/ I have the honor of being a part of a new recording blending African and American Blues (and other styles) featuring James Montgomery (Harmonica master) Massamba Diop (Baaba Maal’s Tama legend) and Jim Matus (Laoutar wizard) Tony Vacca is also in on the fun! This ground-breaking CD will be released in early ’15. Check my site for more details as they come in. 2 more recording projects for next year are in the pre-production stages. I can’t give away too many detials but… both are very interesting blends of styles and cultures! Thanks for your support and love of what I do! Word of mouth is still the best way to share things you like. I’m guessing you like my work if you’re getting this newsletter. If thats the case, please tell your friends, it really helps! As always, stay in touch and hope to see you soon. Best, Pitz http://pitzquattrone.com/

Fantastic Fall!

Hello Friends! Hope you had a nice summer. I was all over New England and the Mid-Atlantic in the month of August. We had an exceptionally nice visit and workshop with Jim Thomas at the Samara Healing Center in Maryland! Thanks to Jim and all who were in on that special gathering in such a unique setting. http://www.samarahealingcenter.com/ Lots of cool opportunities to get together with you this Fall. Dates and details below… Later this month… I’ll be recording more Didge tracks for an upcoming, exciting project to be released in early ’15. The project is a blending of African and American Blues featuring Harmonica master James Montgomery, from Baaba Maal’s band, Talking Drum guru, Massamba Diop and Laoutar wizard Jim Matus. This recording is a special collaboration of gifted players from around the world. I’m very lucky and grateful to be a part of this CD! Another great thing is… I will be working more with Yoga teachers/centers and healers. I always thought the Didge, Yoga and vibrational healing would make natural partners and now it’s starting to happen! Exciting details below. If you have ideas of places the Didge should take me, by all means, drop me a line. Hope to see you somewhere soon! Enjoy, Pitz Wednesdays, September 10, 17, 24 Pitz teaches a how to play Didge class @ Yoga Mountain Center River Space-3rd floor, 7 Main Street, Montpelier, VT 7 - 8:30pm This is for sleep apnea sufferers and anyone interested in learning to play the Didgeridoo. Did you know that Didge playing has been scientifically documented to relieve sleep apnea? It's also lots of fun! 3 week class costs $75, bring your own Didge or Pitz will provide his handmade Didges for the 1st class. Pitz-made, starter wood Didges will be available for purchase at special in-class rates of $65/80/95. Class size is limited. Registration and info contact Pitz directly pitzquattrone@gmail.com Sunday September 21 Yoga Nidra with sound workshop featuring Pitz on Didgeridoo. 7pm Montpelier, VT location, $30 Email Ellen for more info and registration ellenfein@mac.com Wednesday October 8 2nd Wednesday of each month, drop in Didge class starts @ Yoga Mountain Center, River Space, 3rd floor 7 Main St. Montpelier, VT 7- 8:30pm $20. It's helpful to email Pitz to let him know you're coming pitzquattrone@gmail.com Sunday October 19 Sound Therapy Conference Johnson State College, Johnson, VT 1-5pm. Pitz leads a 25 minute Didge history and playing techniques presentation. Check http://www.eileenmckusick.com/ for more details. Saturday October 25 The Freelancers featuring Pitz and Slide Guitar Demon Chris Robertson perform at Sweet Melissa's, Langdon & Elm Sts. Montpelier, VT at 9 pm. The Freelancers bring Pitz's deep groovin' original music along with their infectious improvisational electric rockin' dance party to the Capital city. Halloween gear/vibe/mindset encouraged, tis the season! December '14 - January '15 Didge taking Pitz back to Senegal for more West African adventures, performing, teaching, building and recording with various Senegalese performers. Pitz will be part of a 2+ week tour of Senegal celebrating Bideew Bou Bess's 20th anniversary with Baaba Maal and Youssou N'Dour More details as they come in!!!

What a week!

Hello Friends! Holy moly, what a week here at Didge central! Here’s whats cookin…

7 Days, the coolest newspaper in Vermont, published a feature article on me and my sleep apnea work/classes! In case you didn’t know, it has been scientifically documented that playing Didge dramatically reduces sleep apnea episodes! Here’s the link to the story… http://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/how-didgeridoo-playing-can-lead-to-better-sleep/Content?oid=2376315 Also from 7 Days, they decided to include me on their blog talking about my apnea work and my original music getting airplay on the legendary, Dr. Demento’s radio show! Here is that link… http://www.sevendaysvt.com/LiveCulture/archives/2014/06/05/pitz-quattrone-didges-up-the-demented-airwaves It really helps get the word out if you go to these links and “Share”, “Like” and generally spread the word anyway you can about all this good work, thanks!

Speaking of the good Dr.!!! I got an email from him earlier this week letting me know he loves my song “Electric Tan” and will be playing it on his show Saturday, June 7! To tune in/listen he streams at… http://www.drdemento.com/ I’ve been listening to his show since I was a kid in the 70’s. He turned me on to Spike Jones! I am forever grateful for that and will never be the same! To hear/download Electric Tan, go to… https://pitzquattrone.bandcamp.com/track/electric-tan

Get a load of this one… I’ve been invited to teach a multi-day Didge class at a gorgeous retreat center a couple miles from Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon in Utah! Dates are October 2-5, more details are coming soon. What I do know now… This will be a combination, “learn to play didge” and explore these 2 wonders of nature parks with an expert guide while eating 3 incredible meals a day! I plan on doing afternoon Didge classes at the parks, imagine the sounds we can make in those ancient rock formations!!! I need a minimum of 8 people to sign up to make this fly. The retreat center very comfortably holds 15 people. If you are considering being on this trip (even the slightest interest) email me pronto pitzquattrone@gmail.com

Movin' video is here!

Hello Music Lovers, Friday the 13th is the perfect day to release a fun new video, don’t you think? I thought so too. Take a 3 minute break from life to giggle and move! Infectiously spreading across the globe on this premiere day for Movin' , enjoy! Its here on Reverbnation in my video section and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1A3kgort3s

If you want to help get this video to go viral, here’s a few free and easy things you can do... on the youtube page under the video, click on like, add a comment, share on Facebook/Twitter etc. and email the above link to your friends, thanks! Best, Pitz

New songs are here!

3 new tunes are here for your dancing and sharing pleasure! Enjoy my friends, if you take me up on the free downloads, promise me you will share them with 3 friends! Peace, Pitz


Fundraising officially over! Final kickstarter tallies are... Amount raised - $4660 for goal of $4500 # of backers - 80 # of likes - 451 # of video views - 430 Thank you everyone who helped in every-way! Obviously it would not have happened without all of us coming together. The ancient concept of "United strong" proves true again! I am blessed, my heart thanks you! Now lets go make some great music!!! Peace, Pitz

Pitz records original songs!

Let the Shenanigans begin! Need a giggle? Check out the 3 minute Pitz funder video for recording original songs! Enjoy and share with all in your world! February 24 - March 25!!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/907197170/pitz-quattrone-records-original-songs?ref=email

2013 outlook

Hello Friends! Lots of great stuff planned for this year! Highlights include... 1. The release of an EP of Pitz originals. One of which, "Electric Tan" is already receiving spins on the legendary radio show, Dr. Demento 2. The video release of Pitz's special version of "Pitzi Gangnam Style". 3. Spring Tour with Sufi dance party specialists, 3 TREES. 4. The years end will bring Pitz back to Senegal, West Africa for magical collaborations with members of Baaba Maal's band among countless others!

Enjoy life my friends and make 2013 the best year yet, I know I will!!!

Heading to Senegal!!!

The Didgeridoo is bringing me to Senegal this Dec. '11 - Jan. '12!!! I am honored by being invited by the Arts Are Essential organization and their affiliate, The Senegal-America Project www.arts-are-essential.org/senegal.about.php In Senegal I will be teaching kids how to play Didgeridoo, build instruments from local materials (kids keep the didges they make!) and studio sessions are scheduled for me to record with melodic percussionist, Tony Vacca www.tonyvacca.com and Massamba Diop, Barou Sall & Pape Sakho of Baaba Maal's band! The group I'm traveling with has also been invited to be guests of honor at Baaba's New Years Eve concert in Dakar! What a way to bring in 2012!!! Lots of music,news and film footage when I return to the states! Best, Pitz