Aaron A. Schweitzer / Blog


You know, the beautiful thing about music is it can be used as so many things. It can be a release from reality, an escape into a different world or a new lifestyle, a source of laughter or joy when you need it the most, or it can bluntly be your voice to the world. To the people that you love the most. Sometimes it's hard to say the things we're feeling but in a song, it all comes together and flows. And so often it is an incredible feeling that you hear a song and say "man, that is EXACTLY the way that I feel" or "that is my life to a tee". To be able to make that happen and have a reaction from folks to your creations is just the most incredible feeling in the world. The power to make someone smile, cry, dance, sing, etc. is such a power that it can only be considered a gift. And it is up to us to make sure we use that gift to the maximum potential that God gave it to us for. That my friends, is my goal.