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Creepers due out in December

Creepers our new 5 song EP is due out in December. All production done by Eva J as well as Mike in Atlantic City.

KALX-FM 90.7

Want to thank KALX in Berkeley for the big hook up, so thanks!

New Songs

All the songs for the new CD are posted. The release date is 12/7/2015. The songs can be downloaded here or at lunadown.bandcamp.com We recommend the bandcamp download since it is a full bandwidth Wav file.

More Songs

Added a few more songs. All will be up in a few days.

Release Date

So we just need to do copyright and ASCAP before were release the new disc. We will preview songs until 12/5 when we are done. Check here, reverbnation and soundcloud.

Mastering date

Have a mastering date of 12/20/2014 so the disc should be done before the end of the year.

All Done

All tracking except vocals are done. Hope to have them done by Oct / Nov. Enjoy what we put up since we think it's good stuff even no it's unmastered.

Say The Budda

We uploaded 2 new songs from our up coming CD Resistance. Since Say The Buddha has no vocals we figured we post it and Back on Top which is a re visitation of our tale of the twinks. Please note that the songs are not mastered ( loud / cleaned up) and are only 256Mb instead of 320Mb so enjoy!

Progress Report

So here is a progress report. All drums and bass guitar are done tracking. We are working on guitars now with 3 songs done and ready for vocals. Once guitars and any percussion are done we will start vocals. We might put up some ruff mixes w/o vocals when the guitars are done. Enjoy whats left of the summer!

Free Music

All music that we produce will be free from here on out. You can down load 320 bit mp3's from here and full 16bit wav. files from bandcamp.