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Sarasota in the Springtime

We are so excited to be in lovely Sarasota, FL, where it's breezy and sunny and stunning in that way Florida can be before summer pins us to the porch. If we had special-ordered up the weather, it couldn't be finer. Have you Sarasotans been making deals with the devil at the crossroads?

We had a wonderful time playing a house party under the oaks last night--thanks so much to all the folks who came out and listened, and thanks to the members of Passerine for jumping up on stage and adding voices and bass throbs to our sets. At one point, we had upright, drums, mandolin, dobro, guitar, trombone, and three vocals all on stage at once. I love that business!

Tonight, we headline at the Sarasota Folk Festival in Osprey (http://www.sarasotafolkfestival.org/), so y'all get ready to stomp a little. Let's make it swing.