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The Radio Show tonight 7-29-15

Please tune into here me live tonight on the San Francisco's Unbound Sound Show. I will discuss the New Record, How I am dealing with Cancer and much more : ) Between 8- 9 Pacific Time


New Track is out baby!!! "Power of 3"

OK Everyone, after much patience. The New Track "The Power of 3" written by Mahan,Richardson and Brown is finally ready for a sneak preview before it hits stores this month. I am excited to have this New Track to be the first single from my upcoming Sophomore release the "Time has Come" Record. So enjoy and I pray Jesus uses this single and my Record to do Awesome Things. On this New Record I will be writing with some amazing Writers and Recording with some amazing Musicians. By the way, this single "Power of 3" features a surprised guest on the Organ. Mr. Paul Smith!!!!! Paul played Organ for Ike & Tine Turner for over 40 years.. This Brother is amazing and you will hear that on this Track with myself , Rudy and Nate. So enjoy everyone and be blessed. Vinnie Richardson "Power of 3" http://www.reverbnation.com/q/5zjtud

Me and Stage 4 Cancer -

Hi Everybody!

I want to first thank you guys for being so supportive over the years. You guys are the best fans I can ask for. So in Jan 2015, After feelling abit uncomfortable. I went to go to the Doctor to get tested. Well I found out that I have Stage 4 Rectal Cancer. My first reaction was whattttt??? I work out everyday, eat good and Im active. I said to myself God why?? You know, I now things happen for a reason. I was set to go into the Studio early this year to finish the Record and everything. Well let me just say. My life has changed and such a cool and drastic way. I am currently being treated at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I call them the Disney Land for Cancer Care Patients lol. They are truly amazing what they do there. Cutting edge technology etc. I am so blessed to be in a good treatment center but they have also become my family as well. I am so excited whats happen in my life in the road to being healed. I am going through Chemo right now. Its been 9 weeks. But let me tell you Jesus has give me the Strength to not just continue Play the Drums and Write. But I am releasing my New Single" Power of 3" tonight and My New Record "Time Has Come" will be released in August. I am so excited!!! I wanted too be open and honest with my fans on my condition and let you know I have a great support team and alot of prayer going on. I know through Jesus I am being healed. So keep me in your Prayers. I cant wait for you guys to hear the new single tonight. I will send out the Email when the Track is posted today 6-19-15. So stay posted. Hey did you see the New Cover of the Record? Check that out. Well I love u guys and I will start blogging my progress as I go. Love u guys and enjoy the New track coming. I have some Concerts dates coming soon too.

Happy Friday,


New Music News

Hello Everyone and happy 2015. It is time to fill you in on all the exciting music news. I am going into the Studio this month to finish tracking and mixing down tracks for my sophomore release to be called" Time has Come" Love all the New tracks that are coming out for this Record. New tracks should be coming late Feb early March. Nice!! I also just remixed and remastered my first record and rereleased it around the World. My tracks seem to be doing well in Sweden right now. Pretty cool... So if you haven't downloaded "A Pocket full of songs" record. You can get on ITUNES, Xbox, Spotify, Emusic, Amazon MP3 and more. As far as Radio, I wanted to thank DJ Hottub Johnnie and the Hunnypot Internet Radio Station in LA for adding me this month : ). Last, I signed a Library deal to shop for TV, Movies and Commercials. What a great month huh? I am very excited for 2015 and I want to thank all the musicians that help me record and play on both Records. I am very humbled to have such great friends and musicians around me. Well that's what is going on for this month to catch you all up to speed. Please stay tuned for more news and music and big hugs to all my friends.... V

New Tracks

I just dropped two new Raw tracks before they are mixed and mastered. " Come and get it" and Mclaughlin Ave"

Time to get out of the Studio

Playing a Jam at Jazz at Jacks in Denver CO. Come down Denver fans and say hi to me. You can also come get a CD. I brought a few with me. See you there.


What's up everybody? I know I have been quiet lol

Hi Everybody, Well after writing, engineering and playing out the Pocket Record from 2011 to now. Needless to say, I was pretty tired and needed a time out. Well I have been working on the follow up to the Pocket full of Songs Record. I have written about 4 new songs and I can't wait for you to hear them. I will keep you posted and give you some sneak peeks as I write. Hope all is well and thank you for all your support : ) Vinnie

San Jose Jazz Festival & Streetlight Records

Hey everybody, just announced I will be hanging out at the Streetlight Records booth inside the Jazz festival this year signing my Record and talking to fans. So put Aug 9 thru 11th on your Calendar. More details coming. Here is the link to the Jazz fest. http://jazzfest.sanjosejazz.org/festival-info/new-in-2013

Listen to my Radio Interview Unbound Sound Show

If you missed last nights interview on the Unbound Sound Show. Please go to the link below: https://soundcloud.com/vinnie-richardson/san-franciscos-unbound-sound


The Unbound Sound Show, Ep 162 - 6/12/13 Live with DJ Phil Interviewing Vinnie at FCCFREERADIO in San Francisco California. Discussing the making of the Pocket Full of Songs Record. Playing tracks off the new Record and also influences. For updates on Vinnie go to www.rockthecloudmusic.com. To check DJ Phil at FCCFREERADIO and Vinnies interview go to:


Reaching out to feed families

I am getting involved with reach out to help feed more families. If you would like to get involve

What Reaching Out Provides • Offer twice weekly food distribution, Wednesdays & Thursday, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. • Conduct one-on-one personal need ascertainment • Motivate and guide individuals toward adult education and vocational training • Provide basic life necessities and food to local homeless and homeless ministries •Serve 2,500 boxes of groceries and 2,500 turkeys at the annual Christmas Food Distribution


Founded in 1979 out of a church closet, the program now operates from a 16,000 foot distribution complex. Reaching Out is able to serve 40,000 families annually, providing food for 180,000 people. The California Department of Agriculture has recognized Reaching Out as one of the most efficient food programs in the state.

Contact us

Phone: (408) 979—3048 or (408) 979-3090

Open Wednesday & Thursday 10 a.m.- 12 noon