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Be a part of the new BurnOut

Hey all!!

Take your chance to be featured on the next BurnOut cover!

Send your fanpics to getz.burnout@gmail.com. We'll arrange something very special for you if you make the cover.

A signed copy of 'The Winners Dig The Grave' for the top 10 pics, selected by the entire band and management!

Check out the first winner in the photo section of our facebook at www.facebook.com/burnoutmetal


'Till soon!


Facebook and the Special Release Show in 2012

Hey all,

We want to thank our myspace-fans for their longtime commitment to BurnOut!

But we DO have to get the likes up on our FB-page !

We'd love to hit the magic 2000+ limit as soon as possible.

BurnOut will give a very special release show for 'The Winners Dig The Grave' in 2012 if we reach the 2K.

More details will follow as soon as we're there.

Keep spreading the word, it's in your hands!


Getz & BurnOut www.facebook.com/burnoutmetal