new mix coming soon (artist update )

My producer AP is coming up with a brand new mix, it might even be my first project sold. My other project I'm working on now is with exp, another artist in Portland. He also has other projects in the works. Lots of things under raps. It has been a real learning experience working this artist, has thought me a lot... Can't wait to start releasing all these tracks and projects. Also, a local artist, Olin Unterwegner and I are currently underway doing an album cover. Olin specializes in painting and is extremely talented. I truly can't wait show the world what the Northwest has coming out, both musically and artistically. Thanks for all continued support on my last project, Lost in the P

Now networking in the Uk cant wait shout out and other new etc.

Just sent of my first a verse to Rosking & Tweek Artist from the uk surper excited to work with them and see how far we go together with this music togather will load new tracks for upcoming project !!!oh yea !!!sweat pants & liquor stay tuned and thanks for all the support every one. special shout to AP Green eagle productions for helping me put this project togather where whould we be with out producer...

all college students have great summer just finshed finals two days ago hip hip harray

what's been going on with me musically

Ive been working on putting together conflict of interest with EXP another artist in Portland and believe it be great.I find myself putting our track on repeat he is a real influence on my music right now it been a great learning experience. Were bouncing back and forth between LP or EP this is me trying to step in whole different league. Well we will see i really like how it come.We also shot our first video Northwest Reign. This has been a real work in the making stay tuned for conflict of interest.CONFLICT OF INTEREST Coming soon !!!

you ever wonder if..

Sometimes in the back of mind.I doubt faces that surround because it seems like the further my music the further i fall from whats closest to me.In a thinking stage of mind today


well i have been busy last few months recording going out to Gresham ,Beaverton,and all across Portland working with a number of artist i want to be able to have a song that relates to each moment in my life your life,that we all can relate to.My goal as a artist is to have average style something everyone can relate to.I hope you can enjoy all element of music. -PRESTEGOUS