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Harvest Time

The time for the new Mojo Radio Record has come! We actually started the writing process in June/July of 2012 on the collection of tunes that will make up our sophomore release and first release on Grooveyard Records! We are very excited to not only have made it over the 1st record hurdle on to what we believe to be some of the best material we have written as a band yet! In addition we are bringing back some of the usual suspects for this record, in addition to a few highly respected guests in our camp, that shall remain nameless till the record drops. Please stay tuned for updates,photo's and video sneak peeks.

The Harvest has begun,

Peace, JP "Guitarist of Mojo Radio"

Come Hell or Muddy Water! Mojo is Risin"A Year in Review.

I want to say Thank You on the behalf of Adam,Brent,Scott and the entire Mojo Radio family to all of our fans for making 2012 our best year yet! Without you the fans, none of this is possible. The hand shakes,warm hellos and support keep us pushing harder and harder to be the best we can be! Thank You!

Grooveyard Records, we were lucky enough to have a burned copy of our debut record dropped into Joe Romagnola's hands. Joe reached out to us after hearing our record and signed us to a distro deal on our debut record, while courting us with a label offer behind our next release. Justforkicks.de "Germany's largest Distributor of Music" signed us to a distro deal because of Grooveyard Records. The sheer fact the old skool story of great music and a great band falling into the hands of a label exec resulting in a deal still holds true in today's music industry should give us all HOPE! Thank You Joe/Grooveyard Records.

Enter Eric Katte and 5th element of the band. Eric has been a long time friend of the band. Based on Eric's previous life as a engineer in Nashville/Producer-Engineering local projects. Eric started sitting in on rehearsals during the writing process. During this process, we started talking about the direction of the material and sound of the new record.Conversation of work and vibe continued and using our rehearsal spot to record in ? The first round of recording began in Oct and gave us the confidence to move forward with making the next record in the comforts of our rehearsal spot. The last 7 months have been a natural progression with Eric's addition to the band. Eric fits the producer role we have been looking for with our next record. I hope you are as excited as we are for what will become the new record.

2012 also had it's battles and heartache. With the untimely death of Paul Heenan in Nov. We lost a beautiful human being,artist,and friend. I was excited to have Paul back in town and share with him where Mojo Radio is headed and have him lend his talents on the new record. Anyone that knew Paul, knows just how special he was and the unlimited talents he offered on many levels, musically,production,or his great smile to lighten the mood. Paul's presence will be missed, it will not be forgotten!

2012 was fantastic year on many levels! We played some amazing shows, of course opening for some big national acts is always a blast! We played some great clubs and smaller venues with some of our favorite bands and made new friends and fans along the way. Let me point out one, Cijay Pukula/Cijay Pikula Imaging. Cijay, is one of the most creative photographic artists we have had the honor of coming into contact with and getting to know. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of fantastic photographers in the world, Cijay is a Artist in the true sense! Do yourself a favor and check him out!

In closing, Our goal is to keep spreading our wings and sound of the band on a national level. Thank You for all the support over the years and the year to come. With much love and respect, Thank You!

JP, Guitarist of Mojo Radio.

No Rest for the wicked, It's time to make a record!

"I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character!" Theodore Roosevelt.

These are exciting times for the band, with signing to the Grooveyard Records family, "www.grooveyardrecords.com", Adam, Brent,Scotty and I have been diligently working away on a collection of of new songs that will become the next Mojo Radio Record.

Recording! With the addition of Eric Katte behind the co-producing wheel and recording desk. On the suggestion of Mr.Katte, we began recording in our rehearsal/studio over heading into a studio on a new track titled, "Death Of Me". Mr.Katte was spot on! The recording and experience have been fantastic! For once, we are 100% focused on the music and not the clock or bill $$$ Keep your eyes and ears open for this great single, bigger and better things are to come!

Some Mojo Love! We received some love from France, Check out this review. Here's the English translation, Rock infused with blues, not syrupy and not the energetic, the brutal and even the rough, kind of what was in the 70s (the vain god V'la nostalgic. That strikes my brain on the day of my seventy brushes ......). A Blues Rock that was enjoyed by listening to legends such as Free, Faces, Humble Pie, etc.. and more recently bands like the Black Crowes. A blues rock whose base rests on a rhythmic burnée, a tad roller on which the voices are poignant and heartbreaking guitar lines, the canons of the genre what? Yes but with a big tip of customization, particularly marked by the use of the harmonica as a binder and a powerful groove infused with influences of blues classics excellent musicians who make up this energetic band. Four burly men in Wisconsin, which to put the puck in boxes were exported from the side of Nashville (warmer in this corner ...). The Zierten Adam (vocals, harmonica), Brent King (drums), JP (guitar) and Scott Aumann (bass, banjo) plus two or three guys have made ​​a total managed portfolio and offered a nice slice of rejuvenation for old Uncle with in particular a "thin line" magical! Uncle Erick

Thank You to Everyone that has purchased a copy of our record,attended a show or just stopped and said Hello! You make it all worth doing!

Peace! JP "Guitarist of Mojo Radio".

Mojo Radio & Grooveyard Records.

Mojo Radio signs distribution deal with Grooveyard Records and is honored to have their record added to their impressive catalog.

Grooveyard Records was founded in 1999 By Joe Romagnola and represent several great musicians, including Greg Koch, Megadeth's Chris Poland, Craig Erickson (Trapeze, Glenn Hughes), Tony Spinner (Pat Travers, Paul Gilbert, Toto), Dallas blues/rock axeripper Lance Lopez, Texas guitar legend Bugs Henderson, Greg Chaisson (Badlands), Blindside Blues Band, Buddaheads, Hendrix tributarian Randy Hansen and many other amazing, world-class bands.

Mojo Radio is a premier Blues/Rock band based out of Madison, WI. Since 2008, they have had their songs played on radio stations worldwide on a regular basis and have shared the stage with the following artists: Ted Nugent, The BoDeans, Kansas, Foghat, Crash Test Dummies, The Georgia Satellites, The Steepwater Band, Nic Cowan, and The Romantics.

Check them out at: GROOVE YARD RECORDS www.grooveyardrecords.com

This is very exciting news for the band, bigger and better things are to come. www.grooveyardradio.com

Gotta Keep Our Mojo Workin' Thank You!

Well, after a handful of Fantastic summer shows, we are now heading into fall, which means shows inside again. We are pumped to be playing the Legendary, "Shank Hall" in Milwaukee,WI, for our very first time. We were honored when The Steepwater Band asked us to open for them on Friday October 5th. Do not miss this great show, We can bet there will be a few tunes with members from both bands sitting in together through out the night and having some fun!

The Eugene Smiles Project, another up-and-comer in the world of Blues/Rock will be joining us on October 20th, when we return to the Crystal Corner Bar in our home town of Madison,WI. As with all Mojo Radio /Crystal Corner Shows, if you are looking for a 12 Bar shuffle all night, this is not the show for you. If you're lookin' for some real, "Dirty Blues Fo' Yo' Dirty Minds", you best get down here early and get ready to call in sick on Sunday. 9:30-???? There is some exciting news about the band on the horizon, so make sure to stay tuned.

If you have not picked up a copy of our debut record, make sure you do! Avail on Itunes, CDBaby.com, Amazon.com and of course our live shows.

Rumors/Gossip, Yes, it is true we have added some new material to the live set. The band has been working on a collection of new material, which will become the 2nd record. We are sticking to the creative formula of song writing and recording as we have in the past, along with shaking up how and where the next record will be recorded. We can guarantee you this, if you like the first record, your gonna love the next one just a little more! Keep your ears open for the first release, "Death Of Me".

In ending, Thank You to all the fans for sticking with us this far, along with all the new fans we are making along the way.

Peace! JP,Brent,Adam & Scotty.

Rockin' The Taste Of Madison.Sunday Sept 2nd.

It's true, Lightning does strike twice! We were honored to be asked back to play this years "Taste Of Madison" for a 2nd year in a row. We will be rockin' the WTDY stage located on E.Washington Ave/Capital Square on Sunday Sept 2nd, 3:30-4:30. Opening for "What I like About You & Talking In Your Sleep" The Romantics.

The Taste is a great reason to get together with family and friends, for great music,food,and of course, your beverage of choice. The best part, it's free, minus parking. So, if you are looking for something to do and want to see your favorite Dirty Blues Rock band, Mojo Radio Rock the Taste, come on out!

The band is really hitting it's creative stride and with that, this means the addition of new material, along with a mix of Mojo Radio Standards/Covers we put in our shows. So, we plan to hit the stage running and we won't be looking back, see you there!

JP,Brent,Adam & Scott.

Kenny Olson Cartel/High Noon Saloon August 23rd,

We are Honored to be opening for Kenny Olson "Former Kid Rock Guitarist", "Kenny Olson Cartel" at the High Noon Saloon, Madison,WI on Thursday August 23rd. Show kicks off at 8PM, we will be laying down 45 minutes of New,Old Mojo Radio Material along with some covers before Kenny burns the High Noon Saloon to the ground. Tickets are on sale now! Hit Kenny Olson's Facebook page and check him out, you will not be disappointed.

Moving on up

We are all excited about the news that we are moving from the side stage to the main stage for this year's Jefferson County Fair. We were already excited to be playing at all, but especially because Kansas and Foghat will be there. Now we will be Kansas' opening act on the main stage. We love playing these big stages, and we can't wait to hit this one.

December news

There are some new and exciting things going on right now. First off, we have an interview that appears in this month's Maximum Ink magazine. Our friend and fellow music lover, Sal Serio, wrote the article. He really said some great things about us, and we couldn't be more pleased it. Thanks Sal! If one article about us isn't enough, then check out the Americana Gazette. An interview with our singer Adam appears in that. Not too bad for a somewhat new band.

Another big develop is that we are now sponsored by Budweiser. What that means for us is that we will have free Budweiser merchandise to hand at shows, and the possibility to play Budweiser sponsored events. We are all flattered that Budweiser approached us with this. It looks like we are doing something right.

We also want to wish everybody a fun and safe holidays. We are taking some time to spend with our family and friends this month, so no shows are planned. Please take a look at our schedule and see when our next shows are. Things can change real quick, so be sure to check out our website often. www.shakemysoul.com