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The Fools Mask (2017, 14 songs)

‘The Fools Mask’ is my 6th Independent album release and the crowning achievement of my entire career as a songwriter. I think you are all going to be blown away by this album! I decided to take a more patient approach, which ultimately led to a huge improvement in the overall sound quality of the recordings and my vocals. When it was all said and done, the new album took 2 1/2 years and over 1,500 hours of work to complete. Need a little hype? Well, this new CD is loosely based upon the ongoing battle between good and evil (the 7 heavenly virtues/the 7 deadly sins). A very fitting topic for the times we are living in. Despite the dark subject matter, things are done in a very catchy/classy way and good will ultimately prevail. There are, however, plenty of shocks and surprises along the way (ex: 'Everything", where I use a lower register voice to actually play the role of the devil). Need some more song hype? 6 of the songs on the new album are remakes of songs from my previous 5 releases; Everything (Songs From The Gallery), Shake For Me Now (Like The Freak You Are), Best Days Of Your Life (Crazy Like A Fox), The Freaks Waltz (Folklore & Superstitions) and Shady Deal & Alone With You (The Hollywood Blacklist). These 6 songs are all amazing and very unique. They added a lot of color and personality to the new album and will also help to keep my previous releases relevant. Need a little star power? Well, Butch Thomas who plays saxophone in "Snake Oil" has also played/toured with the likes of Jaco Pastorius, Sting, Lenny Kravitz and many others. Amazing musician!! If blazing lead guitar is your thing, then Dennis Stadelman is going to blow you all away with his lead work in 'Shady Deal'. Another amazing musician!! Back in November 2016, I had the honor of being chosen as a background actor for the Netflix series 'Bloodline". It was an unforgettable experience! Met many of the stars, crews, techs and had a blast! I am in 6 background scenes in episode 4 of season 3 (4 as a boat yard employee and 2 in a church). Season 3 of Bloodline was officially released on May 26, 2017. Song #13 on my new CD, "The Damage Is Done" was inspired by the Bloodline series. Are you a fan of ultra-creative instrumentals? If so, then I guarantee you are going to love 'Ghoulash' & 'The Freaks Waltz' remix. Both songs are a blast! I saved some of the best for last, 4 of the songs on the new CD that I think have the most potential to be hit songs are; 'Meet Again Some Day', 'No More Lonely Nights', 'If Only For A While' & 'Alone With You'. All 4 are relationship based songs, which is definitely something that we can all relate to. A couple of them actually are somewhat built around real life experiences. Need a couple more relationship songs? Well, last but not least; 'That Voice In My Head' is a cool/clever retro British rocker about overcoming fears and 'One Crazy Night' is a catchy/melancholy song about hope and miracles. One final aside that I have to share with everyone. The actual fools mask with the 7 deadly sins, used on the front cover, is my own creation. I ran the mask and the background picture (an old vacant church) through my photo editor where the effects and text were added. Well this image is perfect for the 7 deadly sins side of things, but what about the heavenly virtues? Well, for all of you who decide to purchase a physical copy of my CD, please take a moment to check out the back cover. One day I was using my digital editor and messing around with a picture of an old rustic window and what emerged!! Yes its true ..... its an image of Jesus doing a fist pump! Pure magic!! What more can I possibly say than .... yah gotta check out this album!!!

Purchase ‘The Fools Mask’ http://www.foxmanmusic.com/foxman_store

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The Fools Mask Blog http://thefoolsmask.blogspot.com


On July 4 2015, I launched my 'War Against Greed' campaign and all of my music (4 CD's/52 songs) is now available as FREE DOWNLOADS at CD Baby! www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Foxman Please stop by and help yourselves and share the news with everyone. Enjoy the tunes & Keep Rockin! ~ Brian Fox (Foxman)

The Hollywood Blacklist (2014, 17 songs)

On February 17, I began working on my 5th Independent album "The Hollywood Blacklist", which was officially released on October 31, 2014. The new CD features 17 songs, nearly one full hour of groundbreaking music, ultra-creative song themes and story lines and some notable guest appearances which include legendary saxophonist Butch Thomas (played/toured with Sting, Lenny Kravitz and many others) and Dennis Stadelman (guitar/vocals with CoPe). For more info, please visit my home website at www.foxmanmusic.com If you would like to hear a teaser for the new release, there is a CD sampler that is featured in my ReverbNation video section. The video features 30-50 second sound clips of all 17 songs, plus plenty of kick ass theatrical photos/effects to keep you well entertained along the way. I am currently selling the new CD as part of a Foxman Box Set which also includes copies of my previous 3 releases. all 4 CD's for just $15. The set is available in the Foxman Store section of my home website (there is an active link in the upper right hand side of my ReverbNation page).

"Ne'er Do Well" (official video release)

I am very proud to announce that the new big production video for "Ne'er Do Well" has been officially released and can be found right here in my RN video section, or by visiting my home website at www.foxmanmusic.com/neer_do_well (recommended). This is the 2nd single release from my new "Folklore & Superstitions" Cd (15 songs, 2013). The song is sung from the perspective of a vagrant (ne'er do well) who is questioning his faith while searching for signs to help him along his way. The video is a meandering venture down the crossroads that will ultimately leave you feeling humbled and inspired. Hope you like it and Happy Holidays :)

Folklore & Superstitions (2013, 15 songs)

My 4th Independent album release "Folklore & Superstitions" was officially release on April, 1, 2013 !!! I have a Cd sampler video uploaded to my video section which contains 30-40 second sound clips of all 15 songs on the new release. Lyrics for all 15 songs can be found at my home website www.foxmanmusic.com as well links to purchase all 4 of my Cd's.

Folklore & Superstitions

I am very proud to announce that I have begun work on my upcoming 4th CD, tentatively titled "Folklore & Superstitions".

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My new "Folklore & Superstitions" Cd will be officially released on April 1, 2013 !! The album features 13 new songs and new remixed/mastered versions of "Same Old Troubles" and "Sweet Adelaide". It ROCKS !!!

Sweet Adelaide (The Haunting) Video Release

On Jan 1, 2012 a video for my haunting love song "Sweet Adelaide was officially released. This video is a chilling venture into the realm of immortality and painful loss. The video was filmed/directed by my good friend Kevin Killelea over Halloween weekend 2011. This is the most professional video I have ever been involved with and I guarantee you will find it to be very ghastly.

Eye Rocks 2nd Battle of The Bands

From Dec 20 - Jan 1, 2012 Eye Rocks Radio ran it's 2nd Battle Of The Bands which included 100 bands/artists competing for $500 cash and 1 song mastered by reknown producer Glen Robinson. I would like to thank everyone for their friendship and support throughout the competition :) We didn't win, but we did finish in 2nd Place !! As a consulation prize, we won the Alternative category. You All ROCK !!!

"Crazy Like A Fox" Blog

Come check out my Crazy Like A Fox Blog at http://foxmanmusic.blogspot.com/ . This blog is dedicated to my 3rd Cd release titled "Crazy Like A Fox" (13 songs). The blog covers every aspect of the Cd's release from start to finish(Jan 1, 2010 - Oct 10, 2010). The entire project took over 2,500 man hours to complete. Make sure that you scroll all the way down to find the beginning of the blog. Enjoy !!!

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This blog is a true insight into the mind behind the madness !

Foxman Downloads

Finally, Foxman's "Like The Freak You Are" CD is available, through mp3 downloads, worldwide. For CD lyrics please visit my website at www.foxmanmusic.com . There is also a link there to my art studio.

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Yeah !!!!! The Foxman Rocks !!!