Goldenchild (www.sonicbids.com/Goldenchild)

The Hip Hop world has recently been bombarded with opposition from several groups, claiming that the music promotes violence, domestic abuse, and the degradation of women. Goldenchild and Plan B a group of multi-talented musicians focused on using their talents as springboards, as opposed to going solo, take the stereotype of mainstream rap, and make the music an inspirational message to a younger generation. “Slavery” dealt with the sensitive topics of de-facto social institutions that have historically excluded African Americans from the possible wealth and prosperity described as the “American Dream”. Goldenchild called others to action in the bold cultural statement. Through an underground style and a keen awareness of the problems plaguing the African American community today, “Slavery” is a motivational piece inspiring greatness. “Hold You” unpacked the stereotype of African American men and their role in their families. This change of pace keeps listeners interested as Goldenchild sung frank lyrics that summarize the plight young men of color face when socioeconomic instabilities threaten the wellbeing of their children. The song beautifully depicted the struggle a young father experiences: his responsibility to his child, and his obligation to support that child financially. It was a case of give and take, work the 9-5 and overtime hours to make ends meet, or spent the time and neglect the financial needs.