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Love Don't Come From Blood

We are starting to mix the album and from what I have heard and a few others we are excited! As I sit in a hotel in Rockford IL listening to the first mixes. I really want to upload them and share but I can't.. So I will be patient as to give you the best possible version we can provide. We have not set a release day but I'm thinking early summer if all goes as planned. It has been a long year and trying to complete this has been a task. Kristen is now living in Spain but we were able to get her Vocals tracked before she left. The new album will feature more of Kristen on vocals. And one track which was wrote by her that I believe you will find very amazing and soulfully honest. As we get closer we will be sure and keep everybody posted. But I can tell you that this album will take you on a journey through our lives that we believe parrels many others. We really want to reach inside and give those that feel alone "hope". As I have traveled the world I find it very tragic how many get left behind! You know what your not alone we understand and we hope you to give you a song to carry along with you! Thanks for all the support this far we will keep you posted.

Ride Across What?

Well how about across the sun where did this name come from? Good question not sure I can exactly place its origin either. But shortly after the loss of a friend, in a helicopter crash. The song was written in a hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That probably explains the first line in the song Ride Across the plains. The rest of the song just unfolded from there. When we were looking for a name for the album I searched the internet using several of the other song names. And most all of them had been used by other artists. But when I searched for Ride Across The Sun nothing came up. So through a series of text between Kristen and I and a couple other trust worthy people. It was decided to use that for the album title. The art work was also important to me. I really wanted that feeling that an orange/pastel sunset creates. There is nothing more awesome to me than sunsets and sunrises when the sky is all lit up. A true expression of mother earth, showing us a beginning and an end. This was important to me to tie all these feeling together. Sometimes with one ending another beginning arises!! Cheers and Thanks for all the support.