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A new album

We've been lazy as shit keeping up with this page. That HOPEFULLY will change. So much social media to keep track of. We need a social media ambassador to keep up with this shit.

Anyhow... we in Fall of Olympus have been extremely hard at work recording a new album at a secret location.

No title has been chosen as of yet, but there are 10 songs. We're down to just the last 5 vocal tracks and then the tracking for the album is complete. It's been an incredibly difficult process realizing that we have to play the songs spot on for the recording. We're more of a live band than a studio band so we've had to dig down and really play our asses off on this. It's going to be awesome.

Nugent out.


Our new album "Fall of Olympus" is now available for purchase on AmazonMP3.com, iTunes, Rhapsody.com and more! Head on over to your online store of choice and download it today!

Fall of Olympus... THE BLOG Version 1

Well, we have a ReverbNation page now. Hooray? Eh.. we'll see.

We just uploaded our new full length album to TuneCore, so in about 2 months it will be live on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. We can't wait and you can't either...

You can slide over to iTunes or Rhapsody right now and pick up a copy of our 4 song E.P. 'Evidence of Brutality' because it too, is the shit.