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SELASI release hot new single ‘Love Me Or Leave Me’

While many artists call their music “diverse,” there are only a few who are as diverse as Selasi aka The African Kid. In fact the artist, songwriter, producer/engineer’s musical style journeys sonically through the diaspora blending American Pop/R&B, Ghanaian Hip-Life, Afro-Pop and Caribbean Dancehall rhythms into a musical palette of sound that can only be called Global Pop. MTV World channel, MTViggy calls Selasi’s music, “a fluent blend of hiplife, pop and reggae” exclaiming that “he’ll be the first artist to truly and seamlessly merge all three styles!” If you’re still moving to “Tear Up The Floor,” from 5 track EP, Shades Of Grey, the party continues with his latest single, “Love Me Or Leave Me,” soon to be international club hit! The first to jump on the single was Atlanta’s club DJ Mars and DJ Bobby Black who hand-selected the song for their TomorrowWorld 2015 (The Experience) Mixtape adding the song to a lineup of pop superstar acts including Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, Nirvana, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber and more. Atlanta radio DJ, Osei The Dark Secret (V103, 94.5FM The Streetz) hosted a birthday party for Selasi to premiere the music video and on his @Oseithedarksecret twitter timeline called him “our next international star!” Next came a tweet from RHOA’s Kandi Burruss sharing the song to her 1.5million followers.

Known to wear many hats: producer/engineer/songwriter, Selasi now adds video and film director to his array of many talents. While he’s known for producing, engineering, and co-writing songs for a variety of artist, several appearances on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) and joining the cast of Kandi Burruss’ Bravo TV spin-off, The Kandi Factory (aired in 2013) was the experience he needed to add film & TV to his repertoire. In 2014, he formed and founded production company, Steady Vision Film, directing, producing and editing his music video for the “Love Me Or Leave Me” and co-producing and directing short film, “Haunted” starring actress Rachelle Neal. Check out the short trailer for “Haunted” here.

Selasi – Coming to America

Ghanaian-born singer/producer Selasi brings you his latest street release by way of the USA, Coming to America. The brand new mixtape finds the up-and-comer telling his story of struggle and survival in 20 fresh tracks.

All production, aside from a few jacked beats, comes courtesy of the artist himself. Collaborating with Selasi throughout the project are Raekwon, Gucci Mane, Jagged Edge, Young Dro, Killer Mike, Cyhi Da Prince and more!

Enjoy!! http://afro-mp3.com/music/selasi-coming-to-america-2/


He is on Real Housewives Of Atlanta show mixing music for Kim Zolciak; Kandi Burruss (award-winning song writer and ex-member of R&B group Xscape) respects him for his skill; he has recorded songs with Lil Wayne, Jagged Edge, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Young Dro…his name is Peter Duse aka Selasi!

Selasi’s journey to the top in the music industry has been long. He has travelled from Ghana to Blantyre Malawi and finally Atlanta USA. Before he was rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Kim Kardashian he was working odd jobs at odd hours to make ends meet and pay for his college degree.

Once upon a time Selasi was just like every other aspiring musician in the streets of Blantyre Malawi, dreaming about making it some day. While so many he left behind had hopes and dreams Selasi had ways and means to turn his dream into realty. Now he is living the dream, he is his own boss and opportunity just keeps knocking at his door.Timve Magazine US correspondent got in touch with Selasi for a quick Q&A session and this is how it went down:

TM: I was listening to “Way Ova Here”, a track you did with Gucci Mane and I said to myself Selasi has made it big time! Gucci is one of the hottest MCs in hip hop right now, it doesnt get any better that this! What is it like working with such big hip hop stars like Gucci Mane or Young Dro in the studio?

Selasi: It’s been a blessing being able to work with these stars and I don’t take it for granted. It’s a great learning experience which also shows the public that you can rock with the best.

TM: How do you get to produce for people like them? Do they request for you or you pitch your tracks to them?

Selasi: A little bit of both. You see, since I do more than just one thing in the industry (i.e. artist, producer, writer, engineer) I meet different people who request me for different things so I’m able to network more effectively.

“They normally are like “You from Africa? For Real? And it’s something I’m really proud of, so I make sure everyone I work with know where I am from” TM: What’s their reaction when they find out that the tracks they are jumping on have been produced by an African?

Selasi: They normally are like, “you from Africa? For real?” and it’s something I’m really proud of, so I make sure everyone I work with knows where I’m from.

TM: Take us back to the days you were catching a mini-bus in Blantyre, Malawi, did you ever dream you would be featured on one of the hottest TV shows in the US?

Selasi: Lol, no! I always believed that I’ll be known for the music but a tv show wasn’t part of the plan. That’s why I say I’ve really been blessed.

TM: How did you end up in Atlanta?

Selasi: I came to college in Atlanta, and while I was in college I was pursuing my music. So once I graduated I went full time into music.

TM: Before you left Malawi you had dropped what was probably the first Gospel rap album in the country, can you tell us how that came about?

Selasi: Damn, you took me way back then….. lol. It was a gospel trio call made up of some friends I met in Malawi and we came together to express ourselves the best way we knew how to.

TM: Who were you were you working back then?

Selasi: We produced most of the music on that project but got a lot of help from Percing Banda. And I think we recorded it at Studio K (I think it was called).

TM: Are you still in touch with the Malawian music industry?

Selasi: Indirectly, my lil brother Eric is one of the movers and shakers out there so that for the most part is my link.

TM: Your young bro Eric aka Dezert Eagle is one of the most sought after producers in Malawi, he can pretty much do any music genre. Hip hop, Reggae, R&B, Coupe Decale even the local Kanindo style he can do it. The two of you can produce some amazing sounds, are you collaborating on any projects? Continue....... http://timvemag.com/selasi-living-the-dream/

The Rise and Rise of Ghanaian Producer, Selasi 'The African Kid'

I caught up with The African Kid to find out about his journey into music, his works, inspirations and aspirations.

Ameyaw Debrah: How growing up in Ghana like for you?

I was born in Accra and I grew up in Accra and Cape Coast. I schooled in St Augustine College for about 3 years before going to St Thomas Aquinas. I left Ghana to join my dad in Malawi in 1997 and then left for the states in 1999

Ameyaw Debrah: When and how did you get your breakthrough as a producer in the US?

Because I do more than just production including being an artist and a mix engineer I was always working with the artist in one way or another. I worked with Akon and form there I met someone who introduced me to Jagged Edge. I produced two songs on their album Baby Makin Project called 'Can't Get Right' and 'Turn U On' and engineered the whole album. It was a snowball effect from there. I met Keysha at the Jagged Edge studio, she had come through to work with them and from there it just kept on going

Ameyaw Debrah: What's inspires your works? As an artist/producer I pull inspiration from everyday life experiences, and it doesn't even have to be my experiences. Inspiration might come from anywhere so I just lay the idea down sometimes on my phone.

Ameyaw Debrah: Who are some of your influences? As an artist it's the likes of Bob Marley, Musical Youth, UB 40 and others. As a producer Quincy Jones and Dr Dre have been very influential to me.

Ameyaw Debrah: What makes your works stand out from the others?

I put my heart into every piece that I create, and unlike most producers because I'm a mix engineer (mixing songs like “Stanky Legg” etc) I'm able to personally perfect every single detail on a record, getting it exactly the way I want it to sound. I do not have a signature tune or beat per say because music comes from within so every musical creation captures a moment in time.

Ameyaw Debrah: As a musician, what kind of music do you do?

My music is a hybrid, a mixture of different rhythms and sounds that have influenced me over the years, example Highlife, Kwasa Kwasa, reggae, Hip hop, pop etc

Ameyaw Debrah: Do you have any singles out already?

I have two street singles out the now “Ghetto Girls” with Rasheeda and “Way Ova Here” with Gucci Mane which are currently available on iTunes. You can also check them out at www.myspace.com/selasimusic

Ameyaw Debrah: Are you currently working on any productions or projects?

Yes, I just finished mixing the whole Rasheeda album and I produced/was featured on a song on there called “Fire”. I produced a song on Ludacris' artist Playaz Circle's new album, Flight 360 called 'Quit Flossing' featuring Jagged Edge. Currently I'm in the studio finishing up the album for Kandi of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Escape fame. I am also working on my own album which is going great!! Continue..... http://www.modernghana.com/music/10629/3/the-rise-and-rise-of-ghanaian-producer-s.html