The Drive.

Vroom!!!! My engine starts to the turn of my key of driven success.While I drive this road of life, many potholes have blown my tires, many cops have stopped and cited me, bad directions taken from bad navigators, inclement weather clouding my way, accidents that I had to detour around, and the obscurity of the path driven had all attempted to stop my drive or break my car down but my motor still runs. Each detour, ticket, pitstop, wrong direction taken had broke my car in. Everything repaired on my engine actually made it run better, stronger, longer and further. My vision is no longer nearsighted to only see the immediate but I can see into the distance to anticipate how to navigate. Now I drive knowing more about my whereabouts, terrain, other bad drivers to keep adversities to a medium. As I look in my rearview I see the road traveled and it motivates me to continue on faster, harder, stronger, and knowledgeable. My Drive is my desire and my destination are my goals. I will continue until I reach them. Along the way will be those who feel, know and will be going the distance for theirs.....Where do you want to go?