Dr Winston Senneiser (alive or not?)

well i dont know about you guys but i have been waitin for Dr Senneiser so continue from his last blog on our page, Dr Senneiser the silent and secret member of our production team. Is this a mistery disappearance? has he vanished from earth and all its glory?, or has he simply just lost interest? Dr Winsten Senneiser YOU HAVE BEEN NAMED AND SHAMED.

Dr Winston Sennheiser (SE Z5600a2)

For months we have been struggling to get a decent vocal sound. Many frustrating sessions have been spent untangling wires, kicking duff mics and tending to bleeding ears only to get a vocal track that sounds as if its been recorded up a camel's arse on the siberian night train to nowhere.

Recently we have taken delivery of three items of insane beauty.. Firstly Becky bought the renowned SE Z5600 a2 valve mic ( at a really good price), its warm, bright sound easily matches and perhaps excels the Neumann U87 which we have been lucky enough to borrow but not quite rich enough to own. The Neumann may have it's warmth but the SE has a brightness and clarity comparable to a nose full of columbian snow.


Tune in tomorrow for next installment.