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Happy Holidays

I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday and a prosperous new year. Don't forget to download the title track for my LP Day Without Night for free and purchase the other titles from the album. Thanks for your support.

New song on ReverbNation for download

Just want everyone to know that I have a new song on my ReverbNation page for exclusive download. The title track for my album Day Without Night is available, however in order to get this track you must become a fan and join my mailing list. Once on there you will receive updates from my page as they come out. Again more music is on the way and will be posted as they become available.

One Week at #1

Exciting news, I am #1 in Regina on the Rock chart for a straight week!!! Thanks to everyone who helped keep me at the top spot. Keep watching my page as I will have more music available soon, and a surprise for my fans. Thanks again!!!

Third Straight Day!!!

Third straight day at top spot on the rock charts in Regina. Here is to everyone who helped make this possible. Thanks to all my fans. I might decide to give one of my songs away for free to my fans, stay updated to my site for details as to which one when I make it available.

Top spot!!!

Thanks to all my fans and supporters who helped push me to the top spot on the rock chart in Regina. I feel honored to be in the top placing and would like continued support to push my ranking on the national rock chart. I still promise to have new music posted for you soon and will do so as the tracks become available.

Thanks again!!!

Top 10

I would like to thank everyone who helped push my page into the top 10 locally. I am really excited for this opportunity to have my music showcased with other local bands in my genre. I promise to have more new music available for everyone to listen to and enjoy shortly. Please purchase a copy of my songs for your offline enjoyment and direct others to my page. I will be working with other musicians to prepare for live shows in the near future and any show schedules will be posted here.

More music!!!

Hi everyone, I want to remind you all that I have new music posted for you to enjoy. Please log onto ReberbNation with your Facebook account and become one of my top fans. You will help boost my rating on the local and national charts. I have much more music on deck to be released so stay tuned to my page for more.


Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy my music, I will post more as they become available. Thanks.