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May 2, 2013

Well May is gonna be a blast. Shows coming up on May 11th at Spicoli's (The Reverb), May 18th at The Cabaret in Mystique Casino for the Rockstar Engery Battle of the Bands! Come out and support us on this one! 50% of the points come from fan votes at the show! Then on June 16th we will be doing our first acoustic set ever at the Impala Ballroom in Marshalltown. At that show we're opening up for Saving Abel, Art of Dying, and Blacklite District. We are honored to help raise money for Rock4Relief! As of now still in the studio, but recording has slowed down as these opportunities continue to come up. Good news for people wanting to hear new music from BTS though; we will be debuting new songs at everyone of these shows, all off our upcoming album "Shackled Society". Including acoustic takes (June 16th) of Twisted Lullaby, Perfect, Falling Down and new tracks Questions and Stay. Jake and I will also have a special duet performance worked up. If you've been to our cover shows than you know what to expect ;)

Til then Peace, -Tom E

March 25, 2013

Saturday was a blast! Thanks to all the great bands that joined us on stage at Spicoli's! Big shouts to Mistaken for Halos, Twenty 2 Salute, and the Austin Taft Soundtrack! Everyone in the crowd was great too. Can't have a great show if you don't have great fans! Hopefully in the next few weeks we will have some more big news for ya; till then it's back to the studio to get some work in on the new album Shackled Society. 4 tracks scratched so far including a brand new one called 'Wicked' can't wait for everyone to hear. We also threw together what will essentially be an intro and outro for the album. Can't wait to unveil the new record in the coming months! Till then....

Peace, Tom E

Jan 14, 2013

We had a blast at the Jet Lounge with everyone on Saturday night. The crowd was amazing and so were the bands. Big shout out to Mistaken for Halos, The Boomstick Revival, and Deepwater 11; it was a blast playing with you guys and look forward to playing with you all again in the future. If you want to hear some great rock check them out! Good luck to Charlie from Deepwater 11 as he will be joining the Army to protect our liberties and freedoms. Shred the enemies like you did your guitar. Once again we will be getting in to the studio shortly. Honestly we have just been having to much fun playing live shows to settle down and record, but I promise we will get that second album to you in the not to distant future.

Peace, Tom E

Oct. 22, 2012

What a great week! Everyone in the band wants to thank the great crowd in Dubuque at the Mississippi Moon Bar in the Diamond Jo. That show was easily one of the best we've ever played when it comes to crowd energy and interaction. Dubuque truly ROCKS. Big shout to 97.3 the rock (Mike Field rocks) for interviewing the rest of the boys in the band while I was getting the pipes ready to wail. Also wanna thank all the local fans and friends that came out on Friday night to Scooters in Anamosa. You know we had a blast as always. How could you not playing such great tunes all night. Now we move on to studio time. We will begin recording sometime in November with Jake McCready and hope to have a 12 track-CD out by late February or somewhere in there. That album will include the track 'Perfect' that everyone has been loving (If you need a fix check out the video on our reverbnation home page). Can't wait to release it to the masses. I think that's all for now. Keep rocking hard an heavy and we will catch ya next year. Keep your eyes and ears open for occasional updates.

Peace, Tom Ehlers

October 15th, 2012

Keeping things moving along towards our second album. Hoping to have 12 cuts on the new record. Including our new favorites Break Free and Road Trip (wrote this one in Minnesota). We decided on the album name and some of the artwork already..... the album will be called "Shackled Society." For those of you that followed the very earliest years of B.T.S. (before my time even) you'll understand. This album will cover lots of ground in several genres of rock. Everything from punk and metal to alternative and southern-rock. I mean who really wants to get stuck in one section of rock anyway? Its just not our style and wouldn't be a Beyond the Silence album if we didn't try a little bit of everything out. In the end, I'm loving all the new facets we're covering on "Shackled Society." In show news we have 2 coming up before we hit the recording studio with our buddy Jake McCready of JAM Engineering. Those shows are as follows: Oct.18th with Ed Kowalczyk of the famed band LIVE (that happens @ the Mississippi Moon Bar in the diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, IA); then, we will be rocking a 4 hour show (covers and originals) at Scooters Bar and Grill outside of Anamosa, IA. Stop by and share a drink with us and we'll share the tunes with you; we will also be celebrating 3 birthdays in the band (Cody, Chris and myself). Buy us a drink.... just not too many or we may become as useful with our instruments as a one legged-dog in a race..... either way i guess you'll be entertained! Hope to see you all there! -Tom E.

July 23rd, 2012

Well the Sevendust show was an absolute blow-out. It's amazing how a great crowd can really get you fired up! We wanna thank everyone that came out and supported the bands that were there. Big shout out to our new friends from Australia, 'October Rage'. You guys were awesome and we are looking forward to playing with you again in the future. In other news, our drummer Chris was recently approached by ExcelDrumSticks and I believe an endorsement is in the near future for him. All his hard work is paying off so I wanna be the first to congratulate him. In addition you can check out the performance of our new track "Perfect" at the Marion Airport. Big shout out to my wife for helping us by taking the video. More video will be added from the show, as i believe Chris's wife Ashley also recorded some video for us. Wanna thank Carrie Martin from BatManagement for taking time out to cover our merch-table and all the photos she took. Looking towards the future, more shows on the way Including a Battle of the Bands in Minnesota at Spring Lake Park on Aug. 4th, then a show at the Mississippi Moon Bar @ the Diamond Jo Casino on Oct. 18th with the original front-man for Live; Ed Kowalczyk. And if your checkbook is a little tight we will also have a cover free show on Oct. 19th @ Scooters Bar and Grill in Anamosa (that ones a four hour cover/original show). Once again thanks for the continued support of fans, friends, and family. We can't do this without your support! We love you all!

Peace, Tom

July 17th, 2012

Things keep moving along. Officially hope to be in the studio to begin recording on our second album by Thanksgiving. More news in the shows department; July 20th w/ AOD, Black Oxygen, 3 Pill Morning, and Sevendustin Marion, IA. We also added a show Oct. 18th opening for Live's original front man Ed Kowalcyk. This past Sunday (7/15) the band got together and put some finishing touches on a couple of the new tunes; we got bored so we wrote a new song too. Can't wait to debut "A Little Bit Longer" at the Mississippi Moon Bar in October... hopefully that will be enough time to finish it. Well that's all I got for now.

Peace, Tom E

Update 6/14/12

These last few months have been really crazy. In less then a years time we have gotten to play with so many great bands; Eve to Adam, Candlelight Red, Egypt Central, Burn Halo, Red Line Chemistry, Saving Abel, The Veer Union and My Darkest Days. Big shout out to My Darkest and the Veer for being super-cool and hanging out with us and having a few brews b4 and after the show. We are continuing this wave of success and will be opening up for one of the many influences on my (Tom) music; Sevendust. I am so pumped we get to play with them, along with the other touring acts Black Oxygen and 3 Pill Morning! Hope to see everyone out at the Marion airport on July 20th. Once again big thanks to our family, friends, and fans for the continued support. We really couldn't do it with out you... No, seriously. You're all awesome and we really do appreciate it. Chris seems to be healing up nicely from his little accident with electricity and we will be getting that finished album to you as soon as we get in the studio. Looks like it could be a little while since we continue to get great gigs and it seems that the best way to push our tunes is for more people to hear it. That's why on August 4th we will be out of state attempting to conquer new territory in Minnesota at the POV's 65 Battle of the Bands. 16 teams enter only 1 leaves. If you're a fan and live in the Minnesota area or just love road trips we we would love to have your support there. For local fans we will be doing another show at Scooters in Anamosa and at some point hope to play at Knucleheads there as well. Well that's all for today. I will check back with ya when there's more to tell.

Peace, Tom Ehlers

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