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2 new recordings!

So here it is May 19th 2009...roughly a year and a handful of days since we started this band..and all is extremely well !! We tracked the final line for the 2 new recordings (Rectify, One Last Hit) about 9:45 on Sunday night. We tore through the studio (End of Autumn Studios) like a California Wildfire and put roughly 30 tracks apiece on the 2 songs...it's gonna sound thick and raw and pretty close to how we sound Live..I think Andy tracked his Drums in 1 take each...maybe 2...Chad did his thing in what felt like matter of mere moments, and Sean grooved like he does....I on the other hand had some issues... We scheduled 2, 10 hour days from 11-9 Saturday and Sunday in the studio...I pretty much slept on the studio couch half of Saturday and figured I wouldn't get to vocals till later Sunday night...so when I went home..being the rockstar/moron I am...i went to Amber's house and played Beer Pong in the rain with Carlton and Jeremy and Amber till 3 in the morning... I actually woke up in time the next morning and got in the shower...when I emerged zestfully clean...I found I had missed about 5 calls from the guys...apparently, I was up to bat at the studio first. I have never had to or tried to sing before about 5 in the afternoon..my voice upon first waking up sounds like a mixture of a dumptruck and a cement mixer buttfucking. I smoke Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much...That shit must stop. So needless to say I was worried...but in the hour drive to the studio i did all kinds of warm-ups, and gave it my best shot, and I actually think it might be the best my voice has ever been recorded. We will see when the mix is done. Come to the Show this Friday...you won't be dissapointed