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Eight Rules for Booking

Many bandleaders become discouraged the first time they begin booking their band. It is a slow process that takes a fir amount of time and dedication. It also takes time to become comfortable with the financial aspects of booking a band.

A realistic framework that guides your booking policies are:

*Keep your band on the road. *Be flexible with your leader's fees. *Never work for assholes. *Price your band realistically. *Know your bottom line. *Book anchor, secondary anchor, and support gigs. *Avoid conflicts of interest. *Avoid double-booking and cancellations.

Take the time to analyze how you made them , chances are that you'll be less likely to make the same mistake again.

Contract Between Band Members

Contracts between band members, managers or managements companies become increasingly common. Contracts often go into great detail regarding acceptable and unacceptable codes of public behaviour which all band members are expected to adhere to.

Breaking Contracts

The easiest way is to make them not want to. If you are a popular band or artist with a growing number of followers an agent or promoter won't want to break your contract.


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Performance Royalties

Songwriters and publishers also earn money each time a song plays on he radio, television or during any public performances.The most noted performance societies are BMI, ASCAP and SESAC.These companies track and calculate how many times your songs are being played on t he radio, television and in public places. If you, your publishing company and your song are not registered with a performance society you will not be paid for public performances of your song. In some cases, the publishing company will have the right to collect the writer's hare of performance royalties and apply that income against the songwriter's unrecouped advances.


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